Prioritized list of issues by players - Vote!

So here we go, my attempt to order a little bit what we want fixed, by priority. “Poor’s man UserVoice”. You can vote up to 5 options. I haven’t put an end date on purpose, but maybe makes sense to do such thing?
I hope we are not all that tired to not even care on voting, and that this helps for something.

  • Fix the game glitches (things not working in the app)
  • Fix the dragons glitches (Sylphen, Cloak bug, etc)
  • Fix the chests not dropping at all
  • Fix the communication issues with the servers/speed
  • Fix progression for levelling base (any level)
  • Fix the 300 wall
  • Fix the shortage of timers
  • Fix the shortage of embers
  • Replace Fire/Ice shards, commute, something
  • Fix gold chest drops as a general
  • Better value per pack (more stuff or less $$$)
  • Other (comment below)

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Thank you

Is it possible to edit to include:
‘Include a progressions reward system’
It seems to be something that we are all asking for

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“You cannot add or remove poll options after the first 5 minutes. Please contact a moderator if you need to edit a poll option.”

@TheRedDelilah help to add “Include a progressions reward system” ?

I would add things to the game like an Elemental Ember mine, that could be upgraded like the lumber mills or change the Water dragon shrine to a reward like 2000k Embers after you successfully defend your base 10 times.

Other: further rebalancing of the tiers and their costs, because the egg token cost of irrelevant tiers is still way too high.

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I don’t have those permissions either sorry

To be honest, I don’t see where one of these should be much of a priority over the other. They all hold equal importance to me.

If only pg would put a set date on when items that need to be repaired would get fixed I wouldn’t care which one happened first.

“We will have fixes for problems a/b/c on date xx/xx/xxx, and problems x/y/z will have a fix by date yy/yy/yyyy

The shortage of elemental embers and timers can easily be solved by changing the drop rewards in attack runs. Change the rewards so it doesn’t drop anymore useless stuff and actually reward players that actively play and grind by dropping embers. scrap the 1/3 minutes timers and change it to more like 30 minutes/1-12hr timers. People would actually spend more time ingame playing if they actually could grind to get these drops.

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What about the lack of bronce chest and silver in this currently event? I only see 2 or 3 per every 10 attacks more or less, and when you open them you just see rubbish. :woman_facepalming:


Of the things you list, performance and scalability (both server & client side)

My list would be long, but here’s a group of three that I think could make a big difference:

  1. Reliable release and configuration management so we can update with confidence and all at about the same time. (10 story points)
  2. Security - reduce cheating. I’m not much affected by this, but it shouldn’t be an issue at all.
  3. Stingy communications & support. Like it or not, they’ve made a long-term game. They should release info that will help us plan like an event calendar. Tell us the direction they want to take the game. Don’t nickel and dime us after something goes wrong, just send out a generous whack of free stuff and be done with it.

None of these address game fundamentals, but their lack makes the company seem incompetent and sometimes adversarial, not worth doing business with.

Also not mentioned: refactor the leagues to condense people into fewer more active leagues and improve the new player experience.


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