Prize Collection Issue

Hey WD peeps,

I need a little help. I reached 88k points and my team reached the 30k mark for Temple Raid (April 10-15, 2019). This equates to a lot of rubies, tokens, bronze/gold chests, and EP/IF. Apparently PG can verify that I played the game, used a lot of EP and inner fires, but tells me that they will not give me my prizes because they can’t find it in their system that I collected my prizes.

To be honest, I cannot remember whether or not I collected my prizes. That entire event was a really hard grind for me, and I used a lot of time and basically my entire weekend just to score that high. This is really upsetting since I really feel like I did collect those prizes. Regardless, I worked hard to earn them.

I could not find similar threads to this but my forum search did bring up an auto-collect feature mentioned by another player from much older threads on a different topic. It seem this is still not implemented.

To summarize:
1.) If PG can verify my attacks/scores, it seems reasonable that I should be able to get my and my team’s prizes.
2.) Auto-collect feature should be added so that this never happens again.

Please help.

If you didn’t actually collect the prizes, I don’t think there’s much anyone can help with. It’s an expensive lesson learned I fear.

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Your best bet is to open a support ticket; however, I believe it is intentional that you must collect the achievements before the event finishes. They even give you an extra 24 hours after the event ends.

I assume you mean the team and individual achievements. Team chests also have a limited collection window. The actual team prize (for team ranking) should still be waiting for you to collect if you were eligible.

Again, I think you were referring to the achievements, and I’m pretty sure you just learned a lesson the hard way. Your best bet would be a support ticket, no matter what is missing.


Well you aren’t sure if you collected them, right? So you could have collected them and are asking support to double up on your prizes?

Try to collect all prizes as you earn them. There is no reason not to do it that way

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