Prize counter bug

I know there have been multiple posts about how the prize counter is showing 1 or 2 despite there not being any prizes available to claim, but uh, 5?

Secondly, this issue has been going on for months, and I know there are much more pressing issues to attend time and energy to, but how difficult is it to fix something as seemingly simple as a counter :man_shrugging:t3:


Not months; years on and off. It’s just a harmless visual glitch, doesn’t really matter if it’s fixed or not.

I’ve had it show up to 13 when in reality there were 0

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And I thought that it is caused by silver chest reward.

Perhaps other cause?

It’s not due to the silver chests, actually, they have fixed that bug, but that’s just in the chests tab.

If I was a dev, I think Id be too embarrassed to sleep until that nagging black eye was sorted lol.

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Yah this is always happening to me I’ve had it say numbers verying from 1-13 when there was no prize available. It always gets me exited and then I am sad because I have no prizes :cry:

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It’s a psychological ploy. You go to collect thinking there is a prize. Upon seeing none it makes you want to go spend money to get a prize.

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