Prize list for different leagues

When a team does very hard work to get promoted. They end up in the bottom of the promoted league in events. The prizes should have better stuff than the previous league top prizes. Anyone explain why this isn’t a good idea? I feel bad missing out on a rage glyph. (Inc subleagues)

It is for now

My wordings bad. I meant : We got promoted from P3 to P2 but the bottom prize is 250 sigils. Even team rank 25 should get more that 500 sigils which is the first prize for P3.

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Every sub league gets the same league payout.
What you get is extra daily tokens.

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That sorta sucks. Each of em should be in the league of their own. Dunno why was this sort of system is implemented. No benefit except for the tokens. Sigh. We could just stay in lower leagues and get high event pts. It’s not motivating. Any reason?

Edit: They can be calculative. Stay in lower leagues until very strong and hop leagues. But some do struggle. Better to just stay in lower and hop when confident right? That is whats sort of wrong in the system. It should be more rewarding.

Except D :upside_down_face:


Queue sandbagging searches. It’s an ongoing issue, you’re not alone.


Great idea! Sub-League Team Prizing and Kingdom Wars Updates

It’s been a year now. Did we ever get any explanation why sub-league prizing died after diamond rollout?


Pretty much the same as what’s been said, was a problem, still is a problem. Pretty much everyone below diamond wants it fixed, but hey why would anyone care what the majority of war dragons players want?

It’s the same in Atlas Events.
My old one has more points, like my tweak with team, but gets better prizes because his team is # 1 and we as a team with more than 10x at points but 4th place get smaller prizes.

Is that correct?
Then I lose a few wars and go to Platinum, there get better prices.
The few eggs I get less every day I make it easy through more and better prices.

(it is translated)