Prizes in 2018 Season Branches

Has anyone put together a spreadsheet with the prizes compared to last season?

edit: I whipped it together pretty quickly so i apologize ahead of time for an error. So far, what i gather is gold chest, mystic frags, egg tokens, and elemental embers are all the same amount as last season. Rune dust went up by 300k making it a total of 3,300,000.00 What i’m trying to figure out is where did the extra 3k of sigils go? As far as what I’ve been able to gather the cost per stone went up at garnet so the extra sigils went into stones. I didn’t realize the harbinger was the only stone which increased in value or should i say actually price. This is a huge problem. As new tiers come out old tiers are less valuable why increase the price. It should be decreased. If you wanted to charge us an extra 3k in sigils “for the harbinger stone” as PGCoffee stated on stream why are paying for it in garnet and above?


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