Prizes in Atlas

I’ve been checking last prizes in Atlas events and it looks very disappointing;(
Here is the prize for Tier 1 ranking 2,in tropps building event

I’m sorry to be rude,but it’s pathetic.
How team can be motivated to do anything at all,if payouts will be like this?
Also,I wanted to point removing blue and red stones from payouts,or minimizing them.
Shards payouts from poachers also have been reduced…
And after this event a lot of ppl,including me,feeling very …frustrated.
Yes,you reduced scrolls cost in crafting
But…shards in event prizes(from the first till the last prize) are so small,that you can’t even craft anything!
It’s looks absolutely horrible.
And…since we don’t have any blue stones for a 2 weeks,we can’t open bazaar cards to get some extra shards
It’s a crisis :woman_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:
I have 5 legendary gear and i can’t do anything with it,because each lvl will cost me 100k each shards.
I’m understanding that game needs spending,but you made it close to impossible to do anything without spending with latest undate.
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I agree. We’re working on some big improvements (increases) to prizing that I started reviewing with our earlybirds preview group today. Will share tentative plans for discussion with the broader community here on the forums on Friday.


Amazing!Thank you sir!:slight_smile:
Will love to add one more comment,if I have a chance
Can we please remove haste from bazaar prizes?
It’s totally useless now,when flying primarches are up


I would just like to be able to claim prizes with out the game crashing; or open Atlas without an failing to set up error; or beat the invader base with out Atlas getting the failing to set up error.


I humbly agree. Even with this crafting event (currently), i feel the ‘rewards’ are a bit small.

Edit: But its great to hear its being discussed! :sunglasses:

The individual prizes are the best that have ever been given out in the crafting event to be honest. MANY MANY scrolls which were the big bottleneck

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Honestly with Atlas season I have plenty of scrolls…it’s uograding gear that gets expensive :see_no_evil:

And shards?
I’m sitting on few k scrolls and I can’t spend them,because there is no blue stones,no decent shards payouts and I can get only few k shards daily
I won’t up my gear till 2030 in this way :see_no_evil:
I use to be able to up my gear and keep crafting,using shards from prizes
Its cool,that we have more scrolls,but what you’ll do with legendary gear,when you’ll need to lvl up it?
100+100k shards for 1 lvl

Shards were also increased over the previous iteration :man_shrugging:

If you max the event, the sum of the individual prize shards are about the same as the team prize shards (~3200 before bonus)

Event Prizes (with historical)

Also slightly incorrect, here is the table.

Orange are estimated based on a 10% increase over legendary (as per pattern), not confirmed rounding though

3200 shards before bonuses that seems like nothing for maxing an event :joy:. Not sure how high the refinery bonuses can go though either.

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Yes,it’s 111/89 at lvl 7,just checked (still not much better with those payouts):joy_cat::white_check_mark:
My point is-there was way more shards in prizes earlier
Let’s hope,that it will be changed ASAP
As Dave said :slight_smile:

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These Atlas prizes are getting out of hand…shards are so scarce it’s insane. U have to max 5-6 Atlas events to get enough shards to level one piece of legendary gear from lvl 1 to 2…maybe. Unless u get a prize glitch…which I think at this point everyone prays for…there’s just no way to gain enough shards…

Packs would be an option if not for the insanely low amount of shards u get. 75k of each?? That’s $1200 + to max one piece of gear?? Over $9k for ONE full set?? That’s absolutely mental.
Atlas season doesn’t give u enough to max one of the pieces u get let alone both. Event prizes are abysmal as stated.
We know ur talking about changes but where are they?? It doesn’t take much from ur end to increase the prizes, the poacher drops, the bazaar, etc. give us something meaningful pls.

This is the 2nd Friday since your post saying you would share information about increased prizes and shard scarcity. This is a huge problem that needs addressing. Can we please get info about what ur planning to do as well as expected roll out (hopefully immediately).

Separately you should take a look at the disparity between offensive and defensive gear buffs

I wish rubies were a bit more plentiful. Since keystone’s seem to be going away, and the introduction of the two chests (Springviel Badges and the Atlas Chest). I feel either the Store ‘Atlas’ packages should include a number of rubies or we’re able to get from from Atlas event rewards (or perhaps drops).

I don’t like that I basically have to buy (2) packs one for rubies and one for altas items.

Sorry for the delay; we’re testing the new prizes this weekend and I hope to roll them out next week.


Looking forward to the roll out :raised_hands:t2:


Just curious who is testing them? And is this test in a sandbox?

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