Pro Tip for those being bullied or harassed

Just look at it as “character building” and instantly the bullying and/or harassment disappears.


What ??? This is a complete sentence and needs to be 10 Char.

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You need to add “bullied” and “harassed” to the title.

There are some things that go too far without a doubt, but for the most part people who complain about being “bullied” really aren’t being bullied.

If you’re being farmed for something you said or did, then it’s not really being bullied or harassed… unless it escalates to something completely new like Red said.
But that’s not really a Pro Tip :[
Man… I thought i was going to learn something new today


Using 2 fingers to tap on one tower will kill it twice as fast using a hunter.

the more you know :rainbow:


I got a Pro Tip for you…
Ballistas OP​:rofl::rofl:

Show me a level 60 ballista on your base first, then I’ll listen to your pro tip.

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I forget who suggested it but someone suggested a Drama category. Oh the joy that would bring to my day! :rofl::joy::rofl:


Oh man that would be hilarious!!! 90% of the time I’d avoid it but for that 10%, I could get a few laughs in xD

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:tada: though troll baiting is tempting on particularly slow days :innocent:

Thank youuuuuu

My tip is to follow Bruce Lee’s advice.

Learn to fight, hire a bodyguard, or lead a less aggressive game life.

Love the “the more you know” at the end

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