Probability of Legendary Gear

I have crafted 35 gear items this event and not a single legendary gear and only 1 epic gear. Previous events getting an epic or legendary was like 1:5 or 1:10. After the increase in gear buff % they have changed the probability of getting these. I would like to know the probability of getting legendary gear.
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I’ve always used the 50%/30%/15%/5% as a general probability. Not sure how entirely accurate it is but that’s what i have recorded down from somewhere.

That being said, i’ve had more horseshoes up my ass compared to my other teammates, where i would craft 5 items and get 4 legendaries and an epic from it and they wouldn’t be able to get a single one. So its definitely very heavily probability based, some people are simply getting luckier than others.

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Its 5%. But the 16 common weapons i got in a row laughs at that

same boat as the OP and you. Out of all the gear i crafted in the event, i got one epic and the rest common. No rares (that i recall) and definitely no legendaries

Question, is there a reason you guys crafted this event instead of waiting for when they drop the scroll cost to 50% of what it currently is? Do you have no faith in PG or are you just a bit anxious?

You know me, I have no faith in PG lol

Yeah i know you lol.

I have enough faith and patience that i may some day be rewarded with twice the chances to get legendary gear for Noc so i’m happy. I have 3 months of crafting events to get er done so hopefully in that amount of time they make the change.

you sir are a quarter full glass kind of guy.

I would say half but we are dealing with the same PG that opened up Atlas to more teams and land knowing they didn’t have the capacity to manage but said “fuck it” people will spend anyways.

Because without the gear you stand no chance in war.

The bases are running 80%/80% damage and hp boost

There is a netpus or two around with 80% attack buff - 1 shots level 60 towers.

So yes, crafting had to be done or else wars arent possible.

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except every defender gear i did came out as common so i got nothing to help.

For you/dread/D1 important bases yes :+1::+1:
Makes sense.

For me, i don’t really matter so i’ll wait and be cheap :grin:

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You have a better chance at hitting the mega millions.

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Well, I have only crafted 30-40 pieces of gear at this point, and have 2 Legendary and 3 Epic. It may not sound like much, but they do give massive buffs. My Avyx already has +40% attack, and none of the gear is over level 3

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In all the time since gear was a thing, and with me topping my teams crafting events, I have crafted one legendary item.
Whereas another player on my team has two full legendary sets.

Did I do something wrong to PG and I’m being punished? Now that my base gets wiped by OP dragons with players enjoying legendary gear buffs and I can’t get any of this, I give up on spending.

Seriously, how can this be?

i know someone who spent 10k scrolls to get one legendary gear. Lets not dwell into more details. Think about how they would feel … :exploding_head:

Probability can be a jerk like that… I never EVER get inner fires from chests, but some of my teammates have hundreds. However, the second piece of gear I crafted after being given Atlas access was legendary :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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