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hello all the players of our game, I will start with the fact that I am a relatively new player because I have only been playing for about half a year, I immediately point out that I am aware that some players may not receive what I am saying, going back to the case it goes, for half a year I have been playing this game very actively for most of us, unfortunately today something happened for a player like me … who unfortunately does not have too many things in this game, I collected rubies from last time I waited excitedly on today’s day that I will finally have my coveted first mythical dragon … and raider to him … unfortunately, as soon as I got out of bed I tell myself great, finally I will have a dragon and a rider to him :slight_smile: unfortunately from this excitement and from that it’s still good I did not wake up … I bought a rider to defend … where a week ago I was able to buy a rider from the atlas which is much better … probably if I played from for a long time it wouldn’t be such a problem for me, but in my case I bought something that I don’t need at all … so I turned for help, if they could only turn me into a rider to attack … after all, there are prizes and so the same … unfortunately the first of the answers I got was terribly harmful, because I got the answer that it is impossible to undo the purchase … and that it would be harmful to other players if I got … so I would like to ask you dear players of our game, do you really think it would hurt you if they would withdraw the prize sometimes? after all we are all people everybody can make mistakes sometimes? do we really mean to lose a few months of game because of someone staring? I believe that such a policy is unfair to us. I hope that thanks to this we will be able to open to the help of a developer, who thanks to these players how we earn and should understand that everyone in life is making mistakes, so I would like to know what you think about all this? In my case, the game has lost some sense now because I do not have a big level yet and it is quite difficult for me to get a lot of points in events.

Did you get a defensive atlas rider? Or the season rider?

I suspect the short answer is that while it’s frustrating there is still value in the rider you got (even if that rider will just grind atlas missions). If you unlocked kaisma in atlas you at least ended up with a good atlas rider. When the season ends in a couple weeks you can quickly do the rider line and probably get an even better offensive rider (they seem to improve slightly each atlas season) so don’t worry! It’s a small setback but long term you’ll be stronger for it!

It’s worth noting blue shards from the atlas season rider line can be used for any atlas blue shard rider you’d like, not just the new one that season. So check the riders out, compare their stats, talk to your friends and mentors in game to pick the best one for your specific needs!

Much of your long term success in the game comes from careful planning. Many of our players think about progress in terms of months and seasons not days and weeks. The milestones are in 3 or 6 months I should have _____ and then they work to achieve it. Whether it’s a new dragon tier, or a stronger tower level on their base or just being ready to redesign their entire base into a new layout.

I know you’re probably right, I just got a kassin a week ago, and now I accidentally bought another defensive rider, that’s why I’m probably bad, only in other games there was never a problem that they could help, I know it’s my fault I just don’t understand why not I can exchange a raider for a raider since the rewards are the same … and I wrote from the time after the purchase so it’s not like I was thinking but I just made a mistake :slight_smile: but thank you for your comments :slight_smile: now I have to think what’s next :wink:

Don’t ever expect PG to be as good as other games at this. They’re the worst.

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