Problem the game


Hi i can’t play 2 days ago every 1 minute switch of the game
What can i do
I’m not happy waste a lot of event time i sent e-mail the pocket games but not coming answers


Maybe you should explain more what happens?


I start the game after 1 minute switch off always yesterday i got update after coming the problem


So i start the game and it’s switch off if i start the battle run


Perhaps is a sign


that’s a problem


Guess could add this to the long list of problems like broken ballistas, hammer glitch, and spot 4 on island 6 firing on dragon into turn on island 3


That would be your device not pgs issue clean it up delete and reinstall my suggestion is ask google why it your device is giving that info



milyen keszuleket hasznalsz?


Plus clear up memory my old google phone did the same thing till i cleared it up the phone is force closing the app ur phone is trying to work hard and only can do so much


I have great news:

The problem Zoli experienced has been solved. It was caused by the most recent Android update on his phone: now WD is running just fine.

With his permission I am closing the thread now.

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