Problem with Atlas hastes

@pgjared @PGEggToken

Whenever I claim hastes in atlas they are not adding to my account. Can you please look into this for me please?

I cannot message in game as I have been banned from contacting you guys via in game help.

Thank you in advance

:flushed: this can happen?

How are you testing how many hastes you have?

Yep. If someone is especially belligerent or abusive we ban them from contacting support.


so will you look into this for me please? Or are you refusing to help? @pgjared seen as you responded to a comment made by another player and did not acknowledge my comment

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Seen as you refused to help with the issue, i contacted apple and ill enjoy spending my refunds.

Kirsty = 1

Pgjared= 0

Total Hastes aren’t shown anywhere in the game UI, so I can understand why you might be thinking that you’re not receiving them. As long as you can tap the button to use them when you move a Primarch, you have some in your inventory. Right at this moment you have 80 of them.

I’d also suggest visiting the PG Forum Roles Explained thread to figure out who to ask for help. As you can see, PGJared is not the one you should be @mentioning if you want help with regular game things.

From the looks of your Helpdesk account, your suspension is still active, so you may need to seek gameplay help from the community as an alternative. Your mileage may vary in that case, so I suggest some patience.


@Lutrus in 3 posts we all went from shocked that someone can be banned from contacting support, to completely understanding why it happened :joy:


No the hastes are not being credited to my account. Doesn’t matter I’ve sorted with it Apple.

Threads like this are why I enjoy reading the forums. So much entertainment to be had.

OP: It’s not working, but I can’t prove it
PG: Yes it is, here is a statement of how many you do have so you know its working
OP: It’s not working, and i still can’t prove it but i whined so much to apple that i got a refund

People these days. Anybody going to give an over/under for how long until her account is entirely banned for violating the TOS and getting refunds on her account due to false accusations? I’m looking to get some more wood this next fort event since i already some promised from other forum bets :sunglasses::sunglasses: @Grumpybigbird?

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You can collect now…nothing during fort for you :smiling_imp:

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Are hastes even still needed since we have flying prims?

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Lmfao fiesty

I’m sure this can be argued either way. They can still be useful if you don’t have a portal but need to travel a long distance.

That being said, you can’t really “buy” Hastes at the moment––they’re only earned in the Atlas Bazaar so if they do seem unnecessary, we can phase them out later on.

It looks like this topic is resolved now, so I’ll be closing it to stop any additional player attacks.