Problem with bankin

Can we please change the way RS are stored, in almost every other game I’ve played, once you take RS. Out of your farms, they’re banked. I don’t get it. How can a player take your banked RS from you after hitting your farms? It doesn’t make sense.

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You sure about that? The stealing mechanics in this game are very similar to many other base building games eg coc

I think the OP is correct. Every other game I play only the player can collect RSS from farms.

This game is different in that other players can collect from your farms.

In other games only once RSS has been banked that others can take it because the bank only guarantees X% of protection.

And that makes sense. Anyone paying for Elite is really paying for other players to have free resources when they sleep. Not sure why we should pay money so others can have the benefit seems kinda stupid.

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Although I agree with what you said, that’s not clear by the ops phasing

This bit is true in other games

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I might of miss understood as well.

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Elite’s allure lies more in the double egg tokens and the added xp imo, resources are plentiful, I don’t think anyone buys elite specifically for that


I still seem to need a tonne of food ( not so much xp anymore ) so I guess for me Egg tokens and food is why I get elite.

I just don’t recall any other game where you pay for something that other players can get off you and not pay for it.

Just seems like an odd mechanic to me.

I hold back my farms so I stop generating so much food :joy::see_no_evil: (Well, for easy fort points too) - honestly can’t seem to get rid of my food fast enough, what do you use your food for other than maxing drags?