Problem with In-App Purchase

I need help i bought the “Dragon Lord Pack” its been 2days but idid not yet recieve. Can anyone help to refund or to have the items that i bought

@modmat @psarus can you move this comment to its right place please? Then I will delete my comment. Thanks!

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You’re better off making a support ticket. This is NOT the thread to talk about anything other than PG roles, as the title makes pretty clear.
Looks like we were moved! Still, you’re better off creating an in game ticket rather than posting on forums.

You guys should become mods @Lutrus @Kardul :rofl:

Sorry but i ldk where is the proper thread to put this msg im new here can u teach where to put and how plzz…

You got a pm fron Discobot, it will teach you the basis, but for questions you should first SEARCH for answers on forum then POST a new thread in the correct category if you don’t find the information you need. Thank you for your attention.

Done, Thanks All


Anyway I don’t want to mention any admin here, you should do a ticket in game.

If you need help to create a ticket in game let us know here


Im new in this game sir i dont get it :frowning: what ticket sir?

My search skills must suck bc I can’t find either arelyna’s or Crisis’s how to make a ticket reply, so I had to screen shot haha.

From your WD screen, click the settings cog icon to the right of your screen. Then you’ll get this:

Click the help :point_up_2:t3: button.

Then click contact us. Then click new :slight_smile:

Ty sir,mam very helpful :slight_smile:

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