Problem with on altas? Is it a bug?

I go to atlas what ever I select wether it’s the daily tribute/rider missions/selecting the event page to claim prizes the game will automatically be close, I been trying for nearly two hrs tried on wifi/data same result uninstalled reinstalled same result is it a bug?

Have you tried rebooting the device? Turn it off and on. Works for me most times :coffee:

FTFY :slight_smile:


I always do everyday everyone else should

The game hasn’t been closing on one of my alts, but I am getting a black screen when I go into those screens on that device.

@Arelyna any way you can look into this I can’t do anything on atlas I did all the measurements but to no avail still closes out on anything I select on atlas

Atlas still closes out what is the priblem

I don’t get to claim my prize PG you owe me

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