Problem With Temple Raid

Putting this at the top so nobody gets their panties in a twist. TEMPLE RAID IS GR8. IT’S FUN.

My problem is that as you move up leagues, the island health increases by quite a bit; almost doubled between Platinum and Sapphire. This effectively means your PvP supplies only go half the distance they would in Plat because you now need to work twice as hard and use twice as much energy to get a temple that’s worth the same amount of points in both leagues.

With this in mind, what’s the incentive to do this event in Sapphire when you could fight weaker teams in Platinum and enjoy the luxuries of weaker islands without suffering a point penalty? Same goes for Diamond.

People shouldn’t be penalized for success. I understand events/competition/leagues need to be more challenging as you move up leagues but that generally comes from other teams playing hard. Not from the game suddenly deciding you need to do twice as much work just for the hell of it. I can’t imagine anyone thinking that’d be fun. The team prizes certainly aren’t worth the trouble.

My proposed solution would be to have island health be stagnant or increase ever so slightly, but have the storm duration be shorter as you move up leagues. Stop punishing success PG.




Too bad your team reverse sandbagged from Platinum up to Sapphire :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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My team could stay in platinum and more than double the number of temples reached, with almost all of them being supercharged. That’s 4x the amount of free points generated.

So no, with this event, I agree with OP. It doesn’t make sense to go up. It makes more sense to sandbag.


The HP of island up in Diamond suuuuuuucks. So much energy to beat them :persevere:


Yes. So why not have island health constant but decrease storm timer so if you want to place well you need to clear more islands?

Sapphire islands are 160k health. 6 hour storm timer. Cut island health in half along with the storm timer so the islands are about the same as a Plat one but they cycle twice as quickly. You’d still have to compete but you wouldn’t perform worse as a team compared to being in Plat.

I guess the simplest way to put it is why should you get fewer temples in Sapphire than in Plat?


Fort: Your personal/absolute performance is not hindered by being in a different league.

Breed: Your personal/absolute performance is not hindered by being in a different league.

Fight Pits: Not counting specific target payouts, your PvP supplies earn the same points and event progress no matter what league you’re in.

TG: You can actually earn more points by being in a higher league because the PvP island has more health. Your supplies are worth the same on PvE islands in every league.

KW: The tiles have more health but that doesn’t affect your individual ability to score points. If anything it makes it easier because you can do more hits that are worth more points.

TR: Increased island health means the number of temples you finish decreases at a reciprocal rate which means you’re missing out on free points for no other reason than “because.”

TR is the only oddball.


Come up to diamond and the problem would be solved :crazy_face:


It’s a problem when your team could spend the exact same amount of supplies on two temples in Plat and get twice as many bonus points.

How? The total health needed to clear in a given timeframes is the same. The amount of PvP supplies you need to use is the same. You just wouldn’t get shafted on the temple bonus.

If the storm moved faster there would be more supercharged islands and actually more free points theoretically available - that might seem like too much of a giveaway to PG. Maybe you need some other mechanism.

Theoretically, yes. But as you said it’s broken so as it stands now, that isn’t a good argument.

Which is why you’d have the islands cycle at a faster rate… could even reduce the temple time window from 3 hours to 1 or 2 so islands can be available to hit again. I also said have the islands health increase slightly.

I don’t think you’re understanding the issue. Yes. Higher leagues can produce more points. But when that means the amount of temples you finish gets cut in half, you need to double your point output to compensate. And even if you did do that, theres still no reason to not sit in a lower league.

My team has cleared 26 temples in Plat. Most were supercharged. 20 supercharged temples plus 6 regular ones is probably close to 184k points if you can clear through Harbinger. I’m assuming a supercharged temple is 8k points.

You’re fine with that being cut in half for the sake of teamwork and competition? If I were in a leadership position, I’d do what would give my teammates the best opportunity for individual success.

If you want to leave the islands as they are then fine. Maybe increase the amount of points the temples give in higher leagues. It ultimately boils down to the idea that you and your teammates shouldn’t get less individual points for the same amount of work simply for moving up a league.


Everyone finds “problems” on every event now, it’s getting monotonous, new players go to forums to complain :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

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Imagine for a second if you will. All leagues had the same point value in KW as they do in gold.

How many times would each team conquer the map every day? Lazy teams in Sapphire would be 2-3 times. This is insane. This is true for every PvP with hp objectives.

10 minutes?! :scream: My team would have a cow if it was that slow.


I don’t think your team is very active if it takes 10 minutes to beat the pvp island…

So it shouldn’t be a problem right?

Wow it’s almost like if you take the base value for things and split it up into 2 equal parts, the total hasn’t changed at all. Is it really that difficult to understand? Let me try one last time.

An island is 160k health. 6 hour storm timer.

Change it to 80k health for an island with a 3 hour storm timer. In 6 hours you’d still have to clear 160k health worth of islands. Also shorten the temple window so it can be available to attack again sooner since “higher leagues/players produce more points.”

And with regards to Gauntlet. Wouldn’t it be great if they… you know… reduced the cooldown as you moved up leagues so you could actually hit things? Higher leagues/players produce more points after all. It’s almost like I mentioned that several times regarding my suggestion to reduce both the health and cooldown on Temple Raid islands. But then again, higher leagues/players produce more points.

If you’re fine with people in lower leagues getting more points than you for no reason, then so be it. Not my problem.

I said at the very top that I like TR but apparently all you managed to read was the title. I’m impressed.

Imagine for a second if you will. That I was talking about Temple Raid because this problem is specifically unique to Temple Raid due to these things called temples that you are supposed to raid. Except you raid them about half as frequently when you move up a league which means you’re getting less reward for doing the same amount of work. I know that’s a difficult concept to understand but try your best.


Bottom line: if my teammates and I use a given amount of PvP supplies in an event hitting a given target for X points, we shouldn’t get less personal points for doing that exact same thing in a higher league. That’s freaking stupid.


You do realize that your kind of mindset is why others who actually want to maximize their time and resource output sandbag, right?

I thought that was something we wanted to avoid. :rofl:


To be succinct what the op is saying is that it’s way better to be in platinum for this event than it is to be in sapphire. Should that be a thing?


You’re also ignoring the fact that Temple Raid offers unlimited personal points, where as gauntlet is literally limited. Bad example.


:thinking: My guess is, PG designed this event with average league activity in mind.
Unlike Gauntlet, where points are limited, one can keep gaining personal points, and getting bonus points / cycle, over and over.
Therefore, having more hp is a disadvantage, rather than advantage.