Problèmes de bonus

Depuis le début de l’événement qui a commencé le 22/03.
Lors d’attaques sur les îles Gustav, je reçois qu’un ou deux bonus( coffres, oeufs, et autres) voir aucun.
Par contre, lorsque j’attaque d’autres joueurs, je reçois des bonus normalement.
Pouvez-vous remédier à ce problème?

Google translate:
Since the beginning of the event which started on the 22/03.
During attacks on the Gustav Islands, I get one or two bonuses (chests, eggs, and others) to see none.
By cons, when I attack other players, I receive bonuses normally.
Can you fix this problem?

It’s to do with your level. As Gustav is only level 90 if you are significantly higher than that you won’t see many drops. Apparently this is an anti-griefing mechanism carried over from the regular game to discourage high players attacking lower players.

It’s ridiculous that higher players are penalised like this when those are the only bases available for us to attack.

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Throughout the event I received no drops of any kind even against the gustav lvl 90 base. Support wants to tell me that this is because of the disparity in my level and the level 90 bases. Today I did a number of runs with my strongest dragon against bases that were under level 90. On every run I had at least 3-5 items drop and saw rubies drop about once per base. If the algorithm was the same for event attacks, I would have received 100s of drops and dozens of bronze chests. PG is clearly using a different algorithm for team gauntlet pve bases. @PGJared

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Baguette player spotted XD

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