Problems after updating 4.60


Before writing here on the forum I read that other players have the same problem with my graphics.
Start by saying that I have a phone Iphone 7 plus 164gb, wi-fi network and yet the game gives me problems.
I had problems with the graphics, instead of the normal shots I shot cubes. I decide to write to the assistance (Italian), and the girl tells me simply to reinstall the game.
I do it and the problem of the graphics is resolved quietly, too bad that now I have the game that is very slow, as if my device doesn’t support this version. I tend to clarify that before canceling and re-downloading the game, I was getting very fast.
Thank you for reading my post and maybe give me a hand, good work!



So just to be clear, this post is not about the pixelated effects (which a reinstall should fix and is being discussed here: 4.60 Update 🤔 all the squares?) but instead is about slow performance after reinstalling?


The reinstallation of the game has solved the cube’s problems but it coused a slower game and graphic.


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