Problems with Atlas attacks

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  1. I was backing up some of these Atlas attacks. Some attacks didn’t count (3 or 4 that I backed)–one common thread is that the attacks that didn’t count were launched from the castle primarch screen.

  2. The people attacking got wiped out by attacks that we never saw attack banners for. Not good.

  3. We had a taunter present and they were able to directly attack other targets even though the attacking prims had fewer troops than the taunter. Have there been additional changes to how taunters work?

  4. Is it truly the case that you can’t attack garrisons directly unless the attacking primarch alone has more troops than the entire garrison?

  5. With the coming huge buff to fort defensive power and the value of the troop consumable, won’t attacking be even (more) disfavored?


  1. We’ll try to reproduce this problem.
  2. Hmm, I wonder if this is related to banners going to the wrong team.
  3. That sounds busted.
  4. No. You can attack the garrison anytime you have more troops than enemy primarchs at the same location.
  5. Solo attacking will become more disfavored … but team attacks which bring siegers can overcome it completely. The intent is to encourage team battles and discourage lone wolves. But if it impacts attacking more broadly it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

Thanks for the quick reply! If helpful to debug these various scenarios, these attacks occurred about 10 hours ago–we should have several attacks and “defenses” all at 1 enemy castle.

WRT garrison attacks, the release notes are at best confusing in that case: “The Garrison can be directly attacked if the attacking Primarch has more Troops than the castle’s Garrison.”

Just to clarify, to hit the garrison, the attacking primarch needs to have more troops than the total troops for all remaining enemy prims for the team under attack? This makes far more sense than the scenario set forth in the release note.

The release note is incorrect. I’ll see if we can get that corrected. What we were trying to communicate is that garrisons can now be attacked even if the enemy has primarchs present – but only if the total number of troops on those enemy primarchs is lower than your primarch. It won’t affect many – it’s primarily intended to close the loophole which some teams used to prevent their garrisons from being attacked easily (by sending 1-troop primarchs to defend their castle). It’s a bit of a stopgap until we introduce the Sapper (previously called Bomber) Primarch we talked about a while back on the forum.

Thanks for the timing info; that will help us zero in on the relevant logs if we cannot reproduce the problem in our test environment.


I did an attack today on a player that I 5 flamed, and the battle is nowhere to be found. No troop losses on my side, or theirs, kinda irritating since they were attacking us. I did get defended during the attack by another team :stuck_out_tongue:

I did more,then 5 attacks like that and my backup saw Atlas banners with troops numbers,so it’s supposed to be atlas attack
But same situation,no battle in reports,so loses
When I had this 11(!) times I left last battle and lost 15k troops :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Also I noticed,that attaks will count as Atlas attacks only if you will tap on primarch(not island menu)
Garrison attacks won’t count as Atlas attack as well

At the same time owners of the island can hit you,because they can tap on your primarches


We’re looking into this.

One more glitch which I had in both my teams
We defended enemy team against our own teammates in Atlas attacks :cold_sweat:

Fixed in 4.01 – we’ll be pushing Atlas players to upgrade soon.

Thank you!:slight_smile::blush::grin:

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