Problems with chat after update

Anyone else having this issue with their chats after update?


Yep, whole team is.


Nope still in tacos group chat no problems here


I cant even attack lmao


I started having issues attacking restarted game and chats disappeared.

I’m not having any problems y’all not on the latest update or something

Yep same issue here! :confused:

Have updated and restarted a few times no changes

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Yup I uninstalled and reinstalled but no chat.

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Same here…no chats and no attacks…sent in ticket…no response

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I think this has something to do with Apple updating there software I began having frame issues 5 days ago uninstalled, reinstalled, and offloaded the app and deleted some data but it didn’t really fix the problem it just delayed it until I had the graphics lowered to poor and got my device updated, so all this could be happening because Apple products are updating there software.

Plus it could just be majorly affecting android devices. It’s got to do something with updating software and androids. Apple products however must have been experiencing major networking issues before the software update and the day it was going live.

Support responded with a generic leave your team and rejoin but that’s not really a good option for me atm.

Nope I have chats but it’s dropping random SS throughout the base when I drop swords or shields in atlas.

Not just Apple I am on Android


All 4 of my apple products are fine

Yeah, seems to be an Android issue.

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It looks like an Android Only problem as of what I’ve seen so far. :man_shrugging: And yes I have same issue as I’m on Android…

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Well I guess it has to do with networking companies when it comes to frames cause mine was acting up when it needed to update.

But yes definitely an Android issue

My iPad works fine. My 2 android phones don’t and it’s not my internet. The game is unplayable on 2 of 3 accounts.

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Yep… Android here. No chats. Can’t create a new chat. Game seems to work fine otherwise. Restarted, force closed, cleared cache, tried cellular and wifi, etc. No chat. Submitted a ticket. No reply so far. Then came here and found this.

Edit : can’t attack now either.
“Unable to join battle. May be due to poor internet connection.”

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