Problems with Fort

So I can’t open gold chests, and apparently my lender won’t give me any more embers

:roll_eyes: There is a special offer with Ember drops :joy::joy::joy:


How can it be negatives?
Do you mind to repost the OP? Seems that some image hasn’t be uploaded successfully…

i’ve seen negative badges.

this doesn’t surprise me now. xD

the friend who ended up with negative badges got it fixed in about 2 weeks or so. xD

I’ve had several issues with negative currencies before. All ya gotta do is tell support and they fix it

Cant open any gold chests either. Bronze works. Who do we have to bribe for just ONE error free event this summer?

Cause negative currencies causes gold chests to stop working?

Follow directions and open a ticket, and this is the run around paying customers get.


I had the same problem. Tell support and they will credit your embers back to 0.

The hits just keep coming! Now with more bugs than ever.
Negative pearls. Maybe that IS somehow connected to gold chests? Beats me.

I refuse to buy ANY packs this season. None. Zero. PG has earned a time out until Fall.

Um actually - yes :rofl:

They are related. Negative currency will cause you to not be able to open Golds if one of those golds contain that negative currency.


Well, at least I know whats in the chest now.
How long have you known about this “feature” Started this event or been around for years?

:roll_eyes: Similar case, perhaps…

Support fixes

If you have a case of negative currency, it’s the server and the game taking a bit of time to catch up to one another. If you submit a support ticket, they would be able to get you back to 0 for you to be able to go back to Fort.

But what if you had more then 0

I think I’m out a few hundred black pearls as a result but have no proof since I didn’t carefully screenshot them. I usually SS other currencies including rubies, sigils, etc. for documentation if needed. I’m done with Fort and having just the usual RAM crashes, Atlas crashes, etc. 3.8B defense is OK enough for my level I guess. Still gotta pick up one last Elite gear item and level some more.

I could have hit level 380 but stopped at the 4M prize level. Kill island towers are builder capped, Discount dragon done, egg boost done, bank is full of RSS still. Need those timers. Lots and lots of timers.

Already thinking about the next one.


:flushed: What will you do with 41,209 event points?

Get 1 silver chest that contains a rare arcane frenzy rune?

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Arcane runes suck. Mystic runes are much better!

I’m lucky to have yet to encounter any negative resources. I have my chat without emojis but thats just a quality of life issue.

PS : I miss Grumpy Cat…


Grumpy cat has a place on my vanity mirror.

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