Problems with game

Many gammers quitting game…Why does your server have so many issues? All my event attacks end up with sync issues and takes my rss to attack…Getting into atlas takes me at least 8 tries…This is totally rediculous and am thinking of quitting the game myself after over 2 years…Either fix, or im gone and you get no more money from me…I know im only 1 player out of thousands but, I feel this game will lose alot more…Apology gifts dont fix things anymore…Fix the issues or i will complain to higher sources…

If you haven’t already, please submit a ticket to support.

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I have the same problems. 4.31 was supposed to fix these issues, but I think it has just worsen them. I have 440 points this event, not even bothered to do more.

Thiis page ahows i reported this issue…If Arelyna (employee) responded…Please follow through…

Look at the bright side, bunch of people quit, frees up the server load for the rest…


Lol that’s really optimistic :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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