Problems with Mega attacks

Why are they not dropping anything?
They would usually always drop anywhere from 30 to 45 bronze chests and sometimes a couple silvers and a gold.
The silvers and gold not always but always at the very least 25 bronze

I’ve done 4 megas and have gotten nothing! The last 2 I just did 5 minutes ago.

Yes I’ve tried exiting out and coming back, closing it all the way out and coming back and still nothing!

No ticket because last time this happened support told me that you don’t get anything from megas and I have to destroy the monuments lol

So what? I’m just basically out 100+ bronze, few silvers and maybe 1-2 golds! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Happening to anyone else?


I’m laughing while typing this…it’s random luck, which you must have NONE of :rofl::joy:

Seriously though, that’s screwed up!


It has been answered already not long ago. Your chance of getting chests are calculated once, and then repeated 30 times, if you get 0 chest on the first draw,
30x0= 0, unfortunately…


Is this really serious?

Wtf? Instead of taking the chance on a single run & multiplying that by 30, seems like it would be 100x better to just give the drops of 30 random runs!
Pull the odds of 30 different runs and then that should be the drops.

I don’t think getting zero Chest in 4 Mega attack’s is just very bad luck…

I don’t even believe that is how it works!!! I think it’s just the best answer we are given and something that just sounds like it’s possible!
That doesn’t even make sense…

Ok so if that first run pulls you a bronze and a gold which is possible then you get 30 bronze and 30 gold chests lol ??
And in all of the other megas I’ve done I’ve gotten numbers like 26, 28 or 37??
How the hell could you get anything other then 0 or 30 or 60 I guess 90 is super lucky! But how the random odd numbers if that’s the case? On the first run did I pull 0.67 bronze chests :joy:
I don’t know but I do know I’ve never gotten a half of a bronze chests or 0.75 bronze chests in a run! :roll_eyes:



Didn’t hit reply on above posts…

By the way I read it back and sounds kind of rude
Wasn’t meaning that towards you…Just irritated that this is actually possible!

No worries, I usually can recognise a rant when I see one :joy: I agree this is how it should work, and I’m sorry for players that it is not the case. I don’t know how the odds work, I can only make guesses…

All for dissuading coin use, no offense


I hate the Mega coin I’ve been against it from day one!

But to be competitive and win you have to use it! You have no shot against a team spending & coining the hell out of you! 10k points adds up a lot faster then 1k…Kind of have no choice but to use it back!

Try supers… been getting chests off those about 50% of the time… last pvp tho seemed like it was about 90%

This literally just happened to me… and im fuming raging mad. My first mega attack this event i got 27 bronze ans 3 silver. This last mega… 15 min agi or so… 0. Its bullpucky. I dont like to gamble pg… im a level 62… 23 inner fires and energy crates are so very very precious. This is not cool. Im hoping they fix this because last event 2000.rubies were spent during the game crashing magically on their own…and i let that go… im so sick of PG blaming their problems on the players.

I agree makes 0 sense… and if this randon number generator is the case… maybe these egg drops are what are interfering… maybe your first run you dropped 10 eggs and no chests… but… since these temporary eggs arent figured into the algorithm… u get 0 for 30. So hence 4 mega attacks and 0 chests. Either way… ive always gotten chests from mega attacks and NEVER HAVE EVER heard that you stand a chance of NOT receiving chests. This is an issue with PG for sure… and im not accepting that this is just luck of the draw or a problem with the players luck or the player either. Too mant exceptions are made for their glitches. Sorry im just as irritated bc this has happened to me and 2 other people i now know about on my team.

Why would you get chests from mega coins when chests aren’t dropping in normal attacks ?
The two are linked. And even though PG won’t admit they forgot to turn on the chest drops for this event reading through the forums all things are pointing towards this fact.
Once PG realizes that they forgot to change a 0 to a 1 or whatever they needed to do to give us chest drops. They will give us some really crappy compensation as an apology for their forgetfulness.

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I’ve been getting loads of chests so I have no idea what you’re talking about. Assumptions…:man_facepalming:


I hope they keep not giving chests for mega coin attacks. Megas suck… overpriced attack choice for people too lazy to do a few supers… maybe if they fail to yield chests ppl will stop buying them. :crossed_fingers:

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Best part is the person following hit a monument and a chest dropped in that run. So… if a chest dropped… then a chest dropped. I dont understand how my fiance can run 16 mega attacks and only 5 or 6 of his yielded any chests. I ran 2 megas and 1 dropped chests and the other did not. I started my own thread because i did not see this one, but again 100% of all previous mega attacks both he and i have ran have yielded chests. Im a low level but im nor stupid as some may think…unless i just am interpreting how things sound over the internet.
Unfortunately support answers are not consistent. I mean whats next, i spend money but what is in the pack i buy may or may not be guaranteed? Come on now. Get real. When you spend 100 energy and 20 innerfires and maybe add 3 more +1 with your attacker… then… no reason to attack with 0 yield. Just do individual runs. Not trying to complain…but… this event has been filled with these complaints and they added egg drops and are changing events. Something isnt right with the game. It isnt there is a chance u wont get them. When odds (supposedly) are 80% u will get a chest for a run… why are only 30% of megas rewarding chests?

The game is telling you something: don’t do mega attacks. They suuuuuuuuuck.


Yeah this doesn’t make sense!

Because there is a zero possibility that you’ll do 30 separate runs and not pull anytbing!

Yes they suck that’s already been established plenty of
Times! I hate them too & would love for them to be gone.

But for someone who is competitive and wants to win not doing megas is not an option!
Try getting hit with 5 megas in the first 5 minutes the PVP island opens up & see how well your team does with reg & super attack’s lol
You stand no chance!

Yeah that’s lame. Shouldn’t be possible to buy a win like that.

I agree it’s very lame!