Problems with multipliers

Anybody else have the problem with the x5 stars because after three attacks they go away when your normally supposed to get five does anybody else have this problem?

:roll_eyes: The multi are only x5, x4, x3. It’s been like that since I started playing.

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Here’s what I mean after you do three attacks the multiplier completely is gone you don’t get two more and unless 5 = 3 then I dunno what to do with life anymore

As I said before. There are only 3 daily xp multi for each dragon

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Or am I not getting it because I’m only getting three attacks when it says five or am I thinking about it wrong?

You are not getting it sorry

Attack 1 = 5x
Attack 2 = 4x
Attack 3 = 3x
Attack 4 = 1x (they leave it blank)

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Ohh that’s what I’m missing

Kinda confused me

Its ok. they do it with several other items in the game as well. It’s meant to provide the number of bonus runs they want, while giving a higher buff for the items.

Gold Mines = 20 multipliers, but start at 30x for a better buff (so run from 30x to 11x then jump down to 5x as the base)
Poacher Shards = 4 multipliers, but start at 9x for a better buff (so run from 9x to 6x, then jump down to 1x)


Okay I’m getting this game confused with the mech game my kids and my cat play sorry for the time


I guess it’s been resolved then.

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