Problems with server synchronization

Hi everyone, I have a problem that does not allow me to continue the event. As soon as I pick up a prize, it throws me out of the game and the following message appears:
“SYNCHRONIZATION ERROR. Sorry for the interruption. War Dragons synchronization attempt with our servers. The game will resume in a few seconds "

I restarted the game, restarted the phone, deleted the app and downloaded again. But I can’t get into the event.
Can someone help me? Thank you all

You need to submit a support request.
Settings > help > …

Or go through

I wrote, but I don’t think it’s the ideal solution. I also wrote about assistance in the game, they responded with something completely different. Fantastic.


Welcome to server sync issues. I’ve been dealing with this for well over a year. I’ve made videos showing rollbacks, reported SO many tickets and nothing makes a difference. At least they acknowledge that it’s happening, now :woman_shrugging: I went through months of taking the blame until I was able to record videos of it happening a few times. I stopped filing tickets & am just riding out my tenure until it’s fixed or I get tired of repeating egg missions & XP runs several times a day.

I wouldn’t even bother filing a ticket. It won’t do anything (unless you’re a big spender, of course.)

Yup. Synch issues have been plaguing me for a year and a half now with no help from support. They actually took 3 months to even respond to one of my tickets. A tech named Peter actually tried some things that helped, but besides that one person all the responses I ever got blamed me for the errors.

Game problems have disappeared. I now have the new problem of "error. new version available "
I haven’t been in the game for about 2 days :sleepy:

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well that looks like a solution to me

a solution that no longer allows me to come into play :see_no_evil:

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Are you on Android bud? I have a lot of experience getting bugged Android running again.

No, I use Iphone.

Could you help me please? @PGJared

I have already contacted the assistance, but I received a standard answer
Please :pray:

What’s your ticket number?

Assistance has just solved my problem and I went back to playing quietly. All right.


Yay!!! I am truly happy for you. :clap::raised_hands::beers: Now I just need some of your luck to rub off on me. :joy:

Edit: issue resolved

The error “new version” started after logging out of account and trying to log back in (to fix missing egg token mission bonus)

was resolved after “factory reset” of the iphone +restoring from iCloud back up

Ticket #1901376