☆ prodigy challenge ☆



:As someone who appreciates a good skilled trophy kill that is acquired with either throwback or underdog type dragon mastery flying:

I would like to welcome all those that feel they might have what it takes to eliminate(5 flame 99%) destroy my base with no more than 2 “obsolete” type or “underdog” type dragon combos to come put their skillset to the test!

This is purely for fun and all in good sport for the progression and learning of each individuals involved, as well as for the entertainment of those interested in viewing the carnage here on this thread simply for their enjoyment or to learn something of value in the art of set up and clean style attacking combos…

ive never done this, im just bored so make requests on whatever you think is worthy to qualify under the criteria mentioned above or suggestions on what would make this more interesting(please shove all negative feedback where sun doesnt shine)…dragon match ups must be agreed upon beforehand but can ultimately be taken to public decision if we cannot come to an agreement.

ill leave it to yall(if u want) to decide # of rounds each flyer will have in an attempt to 4-5 flame one another etc… So who is up for some fun??? :bomb:

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You defending?

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Lol thats cute… of course, as will my opponent when it is my turn



I’ve never learnt how to blink. Another time when I do then.


If you want u can practice on me just please make sure beforehand i dont have resources i sometimes forget to check… i want all to improve <3

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Aww thanks but another time. Trying to read up on Game of Thrones right now. :grin::hugs::hugs:



Lol jk, enjoy your novel your grace : P

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Can’t five flame with two dragons :cry:

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Can if u had a backer…which im willing to overlook, we will just pretend backer is being substituted by main attacker


Go spank him Kate!!!

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I do enjoy spankings


I love it idk why lol
(I cant do it without)


Undefended, took me a few tries bcs I’m an idiot but yeah

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You did well, u will get it tomorrow!

Also Kate… i was impressed as well with you, u got my respect <3

Thats all for now they wore me out, now i gotta do troops… more tomorrow




@Obliterkate sweet job!

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As always, I can’t rewind -.-

Prodigy was too nice, it was pure luck. Also didn’t clean it properly, so… :<


Me? Too nice? You got me confused with who?


Not too… good at flying hau. Only 198. Could I perhaps practice on you? :see_no_evil:

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Yes of course, unless ur a member of BA : P