☆ prodigy challenge ☆

For anyone bored and wants to try…

Did 42 try but looks like the first one was the best lol

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That one was set to close a month after the last reply (which it did), while this thread was set to a 3 month delay, which it failed to reach… :unamused:


I’ll presume the closed thread was originally opened in General, so it had the automatic closing setting of this category which is one month after the last reply, as opposed to the 3 months after last reply when something is correctly posted in Off-topic. It could be possible to tweak this setting manually, but it would become a hassle due to the sheer number of threads we move around.

However, we can easily remedy to the discrepancy and close this thread if you so desired :slightly_smiling_face:

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I honestly dont gaf cause its all u can do… but i do appreciate the info bc that was actually helpful n there wouldnt of been issue with that response but i aint takin attitude from her like im too stupid to see the difference. I just didnt know there was a difference with where a thread is post

I think she was only upset at a near necro-resurrection of an old thread, two months is a long time and after such a long time the discussion, circumstances and even seasons have changed. She was not giving attitude, just voicing her regret?


What they said.

Right well crazy how ur response was helpful and hers wasnt in the slightest, ill apologize though lizzy but also try to understand the attitude i catch on a regular basis which some i deserve is why im apologizing bc apparently im only one that felt the pointless response was a passive aggresive move on my intelligence. Hope u have a god day liz

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I don’t think you’re on good enough terms with her to refer to her as “Lizzy”. It comes across as snarky and like you’re being disrespectful. I’d suggest you not do that for starters…


Lmao now this…wonderful

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The OP has proven his inability to follow the rules.

If there is additional on topic discussion, the thread can be reopened upon request.