Production Boosts - with a request

So for this event I would REALLY like to use at least one of the production boosts that I have sitting. The big problem, for me, is that I can’t access them without spending a bunch of clocks on my storage. I’m sure that, with the tragically long build times, I’m not the only one effected. Would it be possible to add something to either the farms/mills screen or into the event interface to activate these? @pgjared


I second that. It’s very annoying that you can’t do anything with buildings under construction. My storage is always upgrading, so I never use boosts lol.

That would be sweet! Every Fort Event I upgrade my storage and with the 42 days waiting time it’s always under construction until the next Fort Event. It’s impossible to use production boosts this way, especially when it’s Feeding Event after 3 weeks and you still have two weeks left on the storage…

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Yes, exactly this! I have 2 weeks left on my storage too. I think it makes a lot more sense to have production boosts be available from the farms/mills anyway? @pgCampusLifer

The only problem with that is the boost affects both production and protection. With the storage hut upgrading we should not be able to add extra resource protection to our bases as that building is not currently useable.

I sped up my storage to be able to use boost now. Fortification is next anyway and I will need that builder free anyway so I started a small job that will be done by the end of the event.

If you build your base right you won’t have any small jobs available at higher levels.
Farms and Mills need have very small upgrade times and would definitely preferred by 99% of the players to use boosts via their building menus.

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It would be nice if the protection actually worked with the boost as well :slight_smile:


I disagree. I have small, medium and large jobs available at any given time. That way I can keep my builders busy even close to a build event but not have them stuck on a bloody 50 day build. There is no one right way to build a base no matter what some people believe. :joy::joy:

@Panda I have never had an issue with protection. People can steal your protected res from storage? That sucks.

Res in the farms and mills is susceptible to attack but anything in storage, below the protection level, has always been kept safe for me. :thinking:

It doesn’t really matter. If a large part of the player base has a problem with not being able to access the storage to apply production boosts then there something wrong don’t you agree?

And when you’re running a production boost your farms and mills lose their protection. When you get raided and check your farms/mills (whichever you boosted) right after the attack you have nothing to collect.
This is a known issue since production boosts exist ( >1 year ).

This is what I disagreed with. Everyone has different ways of building. I plan my base so I can always have a job to take me to the next fort event or just past so I dont need to use excessive clocks on it

As far as I recall, production boosts have been around longer than a year. For the last 2 years I have planned my storage upgrades around fort events so I don’t really see the problem. If they cannot access their boosts due to a storage upgrade that is poor planning, not a problem, imo.

I have always thought the protection was a larger % on the storage and smaller % on the farms/mills. I make sure I am collecting often to get those resources into the safety of my storage. Maybe that’s just me, idk. We all play our own games and we all play differently.

I disagree with you, on the same side as @MareZ on this one

When you pass level ~55 storage it needs to be in a constant state of upgrading between events and should 99% of the time be utilized full time as one of your build slots between events. This helps to bring the timers down to a more reasonable level to finish them off for the start of the build event if needed. Building them and finishing them during the build event is not a fantastic idea because of their duration. I’d also much prefer to have a castle island building being constructed for 3 weeks than one of my main defense towers, but hey maybe that is just me and you don’t care as much about defense?

I also completely disagree with having bigger and smaller builds available to upgrade. If you are choosing a smaller duration upgrade, you probably aren’t upgrading your best towers and you aren’t making the best base that you can.

I’m also very intruged to see what type of base layout you currently have to be making these type of claims so i’m going to be honest and message you in game to take a look :slight_smile:

Umm, you misunderstand. That is what I do. I have 2 builders, one is always working on my storage between fort events. The other travels around to different towers and, just like You, I prefer not to have a major defensive tower down on my base.

You are welcome to view my base but it’s crap. :joy::joy::joy: I hold my own defended but it could definitely use a lot of improvement. I made many mistakes between level 1 and 100 so I am currently trying to catch up. I have towers that I want to have higher level but built the wrong ones in the past so they are only in the mid 20s. I don’t mind having one of those down because, honestly, they are simply rage builders at the moment. Those are the small builds I am talking about. It just sounded much better to say I planned it. :joy::joy:

I do plan which ones to build so they will end shortly before fort or so they only have a couple days left.

I planned to redesign my base but have gotten sidetracked and am a bit to lazy to have the gumption to work on my monument rune placement.:grin:

What claims do you think I made that have you so baffled? I am honestly confused by your post. :thinking::thinking:

@flashingred I think it MIGHT help you to know that this post was made during a FEEDING event rather than a building event. I upgrade storages at the end of build, and just have to finish a little bit for the next fortification. When feeding comes right in the middle, I don’t want to have to dedicate the clocks to finishing the storage outside of when it makes me points.

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There are some really good suggestions about combining events like feeding and fortification in this thread. You should take a look. :blush:

@FlashingRed Frankly noone cares how you manage your base or storage upgrades when a large part of the player base is having issues with it.
If you don’t have an issue with production posts, go back into your game and have fun but don’t try to argue how it shouldn’t be a problem for everyone else.

@TakMannar thanks for going back on topic. I would really like to see some admin feedback on this matter and hope something can be done about it.

@PGJared @PGEggToken are production boosts just another broken feature that gets abandoned/ignored or is there any hope of fixing them?

  1. @mechengg specifically mentioned being intrigued with my base so I responded to him. At least one person cares

2)This is a discussion. They normally involve multiple viewpoints. I am well within my rights to state an opinion that is different than yours. If disagreement is too hard for you to hear maybe you should be the one going back into the game.


Have a wonderful day

@mechengg I learnt the up not out about 150 levels ago. I already had that ah-ha moment. That is why my base is short, it used to be longer. Doesn’t help the towers I have neglected. Back to my point about how everyone builds different and nothing is universal.

I still don’t think boosts need to be changed unless they are separated. Production boosts and protection boosts as separate entities. Production ones used through farms, protection through storage

No offense, I respect your point of view and like to hear possible solutions.
But I simply had the feeling that you’re trying to say there is no problem with production boosts.
In my opinion if you have to find ways around a problem (like waiting for your storage to finish) this doesn’t make the problem go away.

Outside fortification events (for example during feeding events) I have upgrades runnung that easily take over a month to finish so PG needs to come up with a solution.

I cared because you were implying that you were purposefully leveling towers that weren’t your best, which isn’t the best idea. Was trying to spark a discussion that would lead to an “ah-ha” moment in which you would realize yourself that maybe you should be focusing on building up and not out :slight_smile:
But getting back to the original request
Can we just make the production boosts available from the farms/mills as well?


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