Production Boosts

Production boosts are great, I love them. What I hate about them though…

24 hrs… What is the point of a 24 hour boost that does nothing for you while you are sleeping. By the time I wake up there is nothing in farms and mills. A more reasonable time frame would be 12 hours. Considering the fact that only your storage is protected and its a measly amount. I cannot upgrade with what is protected and as soon as you get a little over what is protected you are getting hit and resources are stolen unless you pass them on to someone else and/or bank if the team has one.

In previous topics there were mentions of people wanting to boost from respective buildings and not just the storage. I realize there are a lot of other things that are being targeted as far as issues and gameplay go. I firmly believe this needs to be looked into as well. Would be awesome if we could boost the mills and farms themselves to where they had some protection. Storage only does so much.

What possible use would it be to make them shorter? Having them at 24 hours means they also boost the general resource availability, which is a good thing for everyone.

Sure you get raided while you sleep, but so what? Having the boost not active while you sleep won’t change a thing for you, it will just suck more for everyone else.


I dump everything into the bank when I go to bed. So if the boosts are off while I’m asleep people would not gain as much. It’s all how you look at it. The only time I use boosts is during RSS events.

And why does it matter to you how much people gain while you’re sleeping? A 12 hour boost would best case give you exactly what you get now, worst case it would give you less.

I think the original idea was that it’d be nice to get 2X as many 12hr boosts, rather than 24hr boosts, since players would get more use out of the 12hr boosts.

But you brought up a key point - resource economy. It’s one part for you, and one part for the economy. It’s not a choice between 2X 12hr boosts and 1X 24hr boost, it’s a choice between 12 hours for yourself, or 12 hours for yourself and 12 for the economy.

And that’s assuming that you get raided during those 12 “off” hours, and don’t just build up a nice nest egg to collect when you log in.


I would be nice if we could use those boosts even when storage is upgrading because it’s always a choice either speed storage and use boosts or wait…


So you want fewer rss out there in the game because… why? This is truely am awful idea

You’re asleep so losing those extra rss doesnt hurt you anymore than losing the non boosted rss you would have still lost.

Yes that is what I was getting at. I’m horrible with details.

RSS would still be out there. I would not be in game the entire 12 hr boost. It just gives you more options on what to do with it. Better timing on when to apply as well.

An awful idea would be banking shards.

This. AND like tower swords/shields be able to apply more than 1 boost to make it longer. Like if I only have 30 min left on a boost and want to apply a new one and I know I can’t check in for 2 hrs… nope, it’s gotta expire first. wish you could just have additive boosting.


By definition, there would be fewer rss out there with fewer construction boosts active. If you want to make use of those rss then set an alarm, wake up and collect your rss and then go back to bed. Things dont need to be changed just because it doesnt benefit you personally

The best rss raiding time is when people go to bed. Raiding was great last night

She dont see how it would effect her hunts tho

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It would be nice if we had a bit of protection so you don’t wake up to 30k wood on your lv60 mills but as other people said, the extended duration of these boosts is important to the raiding economy

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