Production Tower Scaling and Tower Rebalancing

Hi Everyone! We have been monitoring all of your comments and have taken another look at the new lumber mills and sheep farms’ HP levels once fully completed. The team has concluded that the HP of these production towers are indeed scaled incorrectly. Due to your prompt feedback, we were able to meet internally almost immediately and develop a plan of action to fix this uneven scaling.

While we now have a thorough understanding of what happened and why, we won’t be able to change these levels today. The fix for these production towers will be going live when the tower rebalance hits the game sometime next week. Information on the overall tower rebalance is close to completion, and we anticipate the changes of these towers to coincide with the updates to production tower scaling.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing everyone. While you should expect the game to scale with the introduction of a new tier, this unbalance was not our intent and we will return to these balance changes to make things right. We’ll have more news and further details on the tower rebalancing changes come next week