Profiles and team rosters view


I think every persons username should have a link to their profile and every profile should have a link to their team and every team roster should have a link to each players base


Are you referring to a link from the forums?
So you could click my name on this post and go straight to my base in game?


Or…you could just mail someone in game.


Would that work though since your in game name is different?


This account is my alt. I don’t post with my main. It would work if you wanted to mail the account I post from.


Personally I would use the feature if op was what I described. As curious as I am about most people who post in the forums I’m not curious enough to go through the steps of mailing them especially if I have to write down their name to get all the numbers right. I would love to stalk everyone’s bases while I’m waiting for an important response to a critical post that could change the course of the game forever.


I’d love if we could list our level, dragons, etc. even if it didn’t pull from the game and there wasn’t just a slot for it.


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