Program updates and war attacks


I understand we will never be rid of the defense counter. I’ve made peace with that. But if you are going to have the defense counter then you need to do something about war attacks during app updates. Maybe lock out wars the day before an update hits so people don’t get screwed because some of their opponents have not updated yet. I get the 24 hour lag for the lockout screen for forcing the update. Something needs to be done to solve this problem. Don’t all update at once should not be the solution. Everyone should be updating as soon as they are able to. @PGJared


This topic has already been asked and answered:


Shutting down wars around an update would literally cost them no development time. They already do it for major events. When I did a search for war attacks and program updates it did not come up with anything. This is a separate issue to the force update. I understand that that cannot be done as I stated in the OP. So no it has not been answered.


Then please continue it in the linked thread bc locking wars came up in the discussion.
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But was not the original intent of that thread. Just because it came up doesn’t mean that was what the thread was intended to address.


It’s where the conversation steered, since force updates were shut down.
You might have a point though :man_shrugging:t3: Mods call.


I would agree that it was only partially answered - so I offer another suggestion:

My suggestion would be to release the update during a weekend event when wars are already suspended.

This morning, we had 5-6 attacks come in quick, one right after another. However, because OUR Team of players that were currently online, were responsible enough to update our Game, none of us were able to defend against ANY of those attacks. Consequently, the enemy Team was able to get their 250 Flames far faster than we could.

This is not the first time that this has happened, nor, will it be the last either - unless the actual release date of major updates is coordinated with even weekends when Wars are already suspended. Don’t get me wrong, I get that there will be times when there needs to be a ‘critical release’ - but lets face it, most are not ‘critical releases’.

Hopefully, that is something to consider?


Right and when you search update war attacks you don’t get that thread. So thus the new thread that is specific to that.Capture


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