Progress reset for unsatisfied players



I want to be able to reset my game but keep my username. The reason I am willing to give up all my dragons and items is that my base that I built when I just started out a few years ago was expanded outwardly as quickly as I could as I believed at the time that it was a good idea… Now I am to weak and my defenses lose regularly… SO

I want an option that allows the user to reset their progress. Of course their is the issue of people mistaking something or accidentally pressing the wrong button and then blame war dragon cause of an accident so the progress reset option should probably come with an additional contract that you have to agree to before you can reset so that war dragons can’t be blamed if the user starts to regret their actions a few hours or days later…

This is a personal desire that i have asked before but was rejected. But I wasn’t using the suggestion box so that could be why.

I hope this becomes a reality.


Why can’t you just start a new account?


CLass is starting so I’ll answer after 2:00pm so about 1hour 15mins from now.


Yeah… create a new account and change ur current accounts name, and move the name over to ur new acc.


I take it you are meaning with your timers, dragons etc kept - so you can basically redesign your base?

a mulligan - where their “timers etc” gets refunded, or tokens issued, so they can fix their building mistakes, while keeping progress?

(edited - came over harsher than I intended)



Do you mind to post your base and level?


If you just want to keep the same name, then change the name of your original account. That will free up the name you want for the new account.


So…rollback your base to level 1 and regain all of the rubies/timers that you have ever used?

Wouldn’t that be nice :drooling_face:

The only time I remember PG offering ruby/cash rollbacks was back when Darja got nerfed the FIRST time…but after about a month or so (if I recall correctly) PG sent out a notice that all players had until X date to claim a rollback or else they’d be SOL.

Is anyone else aware of PG EVER offering rollbacks for buyers remorse?


As for the account changing thing there is a chance of corruption of data and being able to avoid that would be great. Also I did try making a second email about three times… each time I just forgot the password and email… so I kinda want to avoid the second account thing… a lot.

As for the one that mentioned the timer I did say all items because I have been playing for free… I have never used money on this app so the concept of loss for those timers and boosters and dragons…is inbetween… at most I will miss one dragon but it’s a loss I am willing to let go on.

As for my level i am 70… and I don’t know how to share my base thing so if you could go into detail about what you ment by that and the process to go about it that would be great.


You can easily salvage your base at level 70.


@Grumpybigbird is right.

You don’t need to start over, just focus on a dozen of towers from now on, one at a time until you cap them, and so on. A couple mage of each type, a Dark flak, an ice turret, a storm and a few projectile towers and you should be good.

Make sure your main island towers are also capped, or it might hinder your progress with your Dragons, and it doesn’t give you much xp (it’s a good thing).

Good luck! :wink:


If you want to use the same email, contact support to release the email that you are currently using which you want to use on a new account.

They may go with the account verification as far as I know for this one.

Once done, they should be able to release it and you’ll be able to link it on your new account.


Just to be clear I have in total 50 defense/ support towers.
The avg lvl sits around 15. Some are higher…as high as 20 which is about 3 towers.


50 towers at level 15 is only 568k XP. Which is about 5-6 levels from 200 onwards, or 1.5 levels from 300 onwards. It’s nothing.


I did stupid things with my base when I was a low level player. I caught it around lvl 50 though and have worked to turn my base around. I’m 261 now and have to say that I think my base turned out alright. The towers on my kill island are builder hut capped, except for my red mage which could have gone up 6 more levels, but I will bring it in line with the other towers on my kill island next fort event.


It’s not ideal, but it’s not a disaster either. As others have said, you just need to store most of those and focus on a handful of good ones.

Probably upwards of 90% of players make the same mistake you did. Some catch it earlier, some catch it later. You may never have the absolutely perfect base, but realistically you can be as close as everybody else - if you’re willing to put the time into fixing it up.


Alright… also note it be fun to be weak again… just saying it now…


That’s what alts are for, right? :grin:


You can probably use an email alias - an extra name that points at your existing email account if remembering the password to another email account is the problem. Also, use a password manager so you don’t have to rely on memory!

At level 70 you can certainly improve your base without too much suffering, but you also have less to lose from starting over, so… Maybe start a second account and play it and see if you want to make it your main. 🤷


In case that you want to reconsider, your base is still fixable.
Start now by focus on kill island.