Progress reset for unsatisfied players


Even better: Focus on 5 towers. Read mechenggs guide where you should put them. 5 towers is all you can max for a very long time. Read Red’s breeding path to figure out what you should breed in which sequence. No need to start over.



I second the people above, at 70 anything you’ve done is totally recoverable. There is a hump around level 130 where you can’t stick to 5 towers even if you do everything perfectly. If you start building optimally from now on, by level 150 your base will be indistinguishable from one that built perfect from the start.



Your base is not lost, like many above have said :slight_smile:
I’ve been on a gold team for a very long time where I grew and learned with everybody else, were no big old players to guide so I started fixing my base around 100. It was morally discouraging to put a lot of towers into storage and see defense drop to a half of what it was. And organized it only by the 120 finally from where it has gotten its final shape. Being 228 now I have a decent base better than some 260-300 I meet at matchmaking, almost maxed towers where pretty strong dragons flop.
So it’s never too late to start fixing your base :wink: you have a chance to do it way better.



I dropped my bases active tower count (including farm & lumber mill) from 26 to 15 and the persons visiting my village these last few days dropped to 0. Though I expect that will only be temporary until someone else comes.

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This is like a machanic going behind another machanic not my style


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