Progress Through the Spring Season(what have you gotten so far?)

What have you guys gotten in this season so far?

I’ve gotten AIbrean’s garnet stone, the first page of Oksana, and part of the egg token boost, and I’m currently working on Fomhar’s second page.

Aibrean-right before obsidian stone
egg token bonus
remainder of tokens gotten for the rest of the season will go to the second page of oksana

:scream: Why only part?

As for me, I’ve gotten the egg token boost, first page of Oksana, and up to the emerald stone on Fomhar (nearly have enough sigils for the prize after the emerald stone).


Stop with the egg token boost. If you haven’t finished it yet, it’s no longer worth it. The boost expires at end of season, in 2 weeks

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Egg token boost
Working on second page of rider for loot not gear til end of season. Anything left over will be spent going down another dragon line.

Token boost, aibrean, and fomhar

Edit: forgot about the first page for oksana

By end of season I will have as an elite player only:

  • Egg token bonus
  • Oksana first page
  • Fomhar Harbinger
  • Aibrean Harbinger

Not bad :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Aib harb
  • Fom harb
  • egg token
  • first page oskana
  • 2 prizes after sam’s plat stone.

Mini has

  • aib saph
  • egg token

Egg token bonus within the first two weeks. Oksana’s first page while it was on discount.

Right now just racking up the sigils … hoping for an end of season discount dragon :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

Egg token bonus (though I should have waited a week to start)
Oksana first page
Aibrean Harbinger
Fomhar Harbinger
Samhrad to mystic frags prior to platinum.

Not sure how far I will get on Sam but didn’t want Corth or the gear for Oksana.

E2P by the way - only opening all chests during PVP

  • Aibrean Obsidian
  • Egg bonus
  • Oksana fist page
  • Nollaig, almost plat, working on it up to sapphire, maybe garnet (I want to save my rubies and gold chests for the start of new season)

Elite player only

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Obviously :laughing: but why wouldn’t you go all the way at the beginning of the season :thinking:

I wait until the half price stuff goes back to full price. I don’t want to take advantage of PG.


E2P Player:

Egg token bonus
Aibrean all but Harb (b/c let’s be honest I’ll never get there)
Fomhar between garnet & emerald
Oksana first page

Egg Token Bonus
Airbeen (Harb Stone)
Nolliag (Harb Stone)
Oksana (first page)
Corth (Harb Stone)
Fohmar (just about to emerald stone)

(not F2P player) :sweat_smile:

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Egg token bonus
Oksanas first page
Airbean completed
Nollaig completed
Corthanak up to obsidian (next week completed)

Elite only :slight_smile:


Fomhar and Egg token. Sitting on Aibrean obsidian now.

Just elite

By end of season I will have:

  • Egg token bonus
  • Oksana full (first page with discount)
  • Fomhar Harbinger

Showoff lol.

How long do you spend per day grinding?

Egg token boost, Oksana first page and almost at Fohs&Aibreans garnet stone. I would need to pull a miracle to get their emerald stones :sob::sob: