Progression and retention suggestion

This will be a longer post and if parts are taken out of context it won’t make sense. I’ve thought about the way I think would be easiest for them to modify code and give players stuff they want and need.

Issues the game faces to stay profitable: Retention and new player growth.

Retention is tied to progression, value, predictability, and stability. Currently folks don’t feel valued because their money is worth less than someone else’s. Their time is worth less than someone who quit. They feel value is decreasing as you increase in level due to $100 getting you less progression.

New players don’t stay because they hit or see the various walls in front of them. There is no real catch up mechanic.

How do we make everyone feel their money has the same value? If an orange tier buys a pack their rubies and chests are the same as a vanguard player but the resources are less. Orange player feels slighted. Vanguard player buys a pack and gets significantly less progression compared to orange player and feels slighted. Solution for orange tier resource drops don’t scale with level. When you use resource packs they can take you past your storage cap like gold can with diamonds, except you can only spend what your storage holds. Vanguard complaint (300 wall) is answered in the progression section.

Progession: Determine how much a tier of endgame content should cost for someone who wants to buy it outright. If it is determined that a new tier should cost $1,000, every new tier after will also cost $1,000. You adjust your chest drops so that $100 pack gets you 10% of the tier in this $1,000 example. Don’t change what is in a pack chest or Ruby wise, resources can scale at the same rate chest drops scale. This is where your stability and predictability come in. You have pay for an advantage but grinders and savers still benefit from their chests and rubies. You publish a schedule that says new tiers come out summer and winter with mythic of that tier coming out spring and fall seasons.

How you keep the cost flat is your catch up mechanism. Evaluate how steep you want the catch up mechanism as a percentage. If the catchup mechanism is determined that you want say 50% it would work like this. The new tiers will always cost 50% more egg tokens, 50% more speedups, 50% more lumber, food, embers, xp…you get the idea. Set your level requirements based on 50% more speedups and such. Since you inflate the drops in chests by 50% the tier prior went on sale as soon as the next tier comes out and the one before it went on clearance and by the time you get to a red tier noob, well that $100 pack just took them to Platinum and then a year later Sapphire. Your $100 always gets you enough resources for 10% end game tier in this example. Yes over time it will still cost more to get to endgame but way less and progression will be faster for everyone trying to catch up, whether they are free, elite, or spender.

How is this fair? $100 only got me 10% of Vanguard but got someone who started 3 years after me all of Vanguard? Answer is you got 10% of the endgame tier at the time. If it is 3 years later Vanguard is the new sapphire and not scary to someone in oblivian tier or whatever they call it.

Scaling chest drops means resources other than chests or rubies decrease in value so it encourages using saved tokens, speedups, food and lumber packs, and xp potions. The savers can still save up chests and rubies as these will get you more progression once new tier is released.

Scale token mission base amount up every time a new tier is released but leave ruby speedup cost the same. This is part of your catchup mech and keeps new players from being as far behind.

Pick a sigil cost for complete line and freeze it. Balance prize tiers for that. All following seasons will be the same cost. New scaling mech means minors will be adjusted each new tier so that breeding/building/feeding 10% of the new end game tier still gets you the 450 sigil prize or whatever it is. Since chest drops are scaled it just means those not in endgame will get more dragons, tower levels, or feed more dragons but have the resources to do it.

Determine how many premium towers are desired on an island/base. Scale ember drops every new tier so that there are enough embers along with those timers to level those towers. Also scale pearl amounts.

Don’t penalize old accounts by releasing new towers and having no way to fix their base. If you want to convert an old tower to a new tower it would work like this:

old tower only lumber and new tower only lumber: cost is lumber for next level and conversion doubles construction time, ruby cost is tower level x10

Old tower lumber new tower requires embers: cost is embers equal to sum of all previous levels plus next level if embers required or lumber cost if lumber required, conversion doubles construction time, ruby cost is tower level x20

Old is ember new is ember, cost is whatever the next level would cost, ruby cost is tower level x10

Convert fire and ice turrets to use embers and allow conversion at 1:1 shards to embers. Remove shards and keep embers as sole premium tower currency.

The coding would be adjust chest drop amounts twice a year and adjust points required in minors twice a year. No having to go back and adjust a bunch of costs every time a new tier comes out. If chest drops were scaled the 300 wall is removed.

PvP drops already give less progression than fort/breed/feed so spenders still have an outlet to go over the top.

I bet Mech already has spreadsheets that would say adjust drops to this so player opens this many during fort and this many during breed to hit your desired X% of tier.

What say the few who actually read the whole thing?

it is still a high wall if they did that all players would max forti event , I suggest they could just scale xp from 300+

I guess I was looking at it if they scaled the timers/embers in chests to be relevant to Vanguard then scaled points required in fort based on that. For someone like me entering Emerald I’d just get a lot more levels each fort.

I forgot to add a loyalty bonus meter. Completing an egg token mission increases egg token payouts by 1 token for base, 2 tokens for mid, or 4 tokens for top mission. 24 hour reset timer. Caps at quadruple payout. Does not increase ruby cost.

Although I’m scared that coding would cause innumerable issues.

They are playing with a broken system… they have shown they cant really change anything except for the worst or break it by trying… best bet is to just remove the forums, remove the factions, remove the game from the app store, and refund everyone their money from day 1! Even the players who have left… since yall like to do that sort of thing anyway…

Should prob start with removing the suggestion box as well since its a useful little trinket and never actually gets seen. :v:

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