Progression Rate Improvement Coming to War Dragons

Greetings everyone,

Let me start this message by thanking you all for raising concerns around the balance of the game via the Forums. In recent weeks, we’ve seen an increased amount of discussion here as well as across multiple other channels that call for action to address some of the biggest progression issues in the game.

The team would like to share some more information with you in an effort to pull back the curtain and provide some more insight into what we’re working on as it relates to the overall flow of game progression.

To date, War Dragons has not adjusted breeding or leveling requirements of existing content as new content has been released. We recognize that there is a need for a catch-up mechanic given the overall growth of the game. With all the support for mechanics like this in-game, the team has long been discussing how to best solve this issue. In early July, we began actively working on functionality to solidify the longevity of the game for its players.

That said, we’d like to announce that Tier-Based Discounting will soon be available in War Dragons.

Tier-Based Discounting is a catch-up mechanic that will discount the amount of Breeding Tokens required for current lower Dragon tiers. We will continue to evaluate the breadth of catch-up mechanics required for a comprehensive solution to this issue.

By the end of the quarter (October - December 2018), Tier-Based Discounting will be available in War Dragons. The team will have more information to provide by the end of September 2018. At this time more details are forthcoming. Any further questions will likely be answered in our September update.

Thank you for your thoughts thus far, and we are excited for what this means for the future of War Dragons!


literally right after i post… yall are mind readers!!!

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This is a step in the right direction. I am glad to hear that concerns are being met and addressed to benefit all players (I hope) instead of just the whales. I hope you guys are also looking into xp scaling on towers and levels near the 300+ mark. I am nowhere close to that but the stories are horrifying.


I’m very very glad that our threads of concerns have sparked some results and discussions on your end. We’ve been making a big effort for this, and I think we will all be waiting eagerly to see what this means and how it impacts the game.
I only hope and pray that this will not just be a minor change disguised as an incredible improvement. I must admit that the token balloon scaling was a tad disappointing, as it did nothing to increase the token per ruby value—which is what we really needed.
However, again, I am actually excited to see that changes are finally coming to light…

… and I am very relieved to finally see a timeline.
Thank you @PGCrisis for your communication. It is highly appreciated in these times where we are loudly crying out for some serious overhauls.
Please, please do not mess this up. I—and I’m sure many others—want to see this game’s potential fully realized, and this is a step in the right direction; one of many steps, I hope, and they NEED to be taken.
I eagerly anticipate this change… and now I need to adjust my plans. :rofl: :t_rex:


Finally a step towards the right direction of what will be a long journey to fix the issues with this game.

I’d like to see more than just we plan to have something done in a few months down the road on breeding costs.

I’d like some idea of what the % of reduction will be per tier, I’d like to hear about the plans to scale speed ups, food packs, lumber packs, crafting materials, and XP boosts.

What about the million other bugs and glitches we’ve been ranting about. There’s allot more that isn’t being addressed by PG staffers, but at least you’ve taken this baby step.


As a new player I am looking forward to the details of those new ideas and their implementation. I found that game by chance, for once I thought that it was not a game of pure chance (looks toward Summoner War as some poorly random based game) but a game were skill, planning, activity are all important but was starting to see the ramp up hitting.
So THANKS for all who raised their concern and for all new players, Thanks PG for following through


Im interested to know what counts as a “lower dragon tier”. If we’re talking about anything below sapphire then meh. If we’re talking about up to sapphire and Garnet then good (though it sucks because Im just about to finish Icicle). If it’s including or below Obsidian then YAY.


Thanks @PGCrisis

Hopefully it will be good enough to satisfy for most players

I concur, but hopefully a less steep slope will encourage new players to keep going and not simply give up when they hit the mountain that is the Saph Wall.

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Not just satisfy but actually be good. Some people can be easily appeased.


Id like to leave my link here of my old ideas for progression ideas and how to scale dragon tiers…


:thinking: was just about to post about asking for vague details on progress, but this was even more detailed than I was expecting :rofl:


My question is how will this work. Those of us who are around 400 plus put all that effort in. Are we now forced to back track? Are you making it easier on lower levels now? If so we do we get a refund of tokens? Just curious about the details


Agree. This is a good thing (thank you to Crisis for pushing for approval to share info), but it is only one aspect of the larger scaling issue. I hope this opens the door to xp/timer scaling as well.

I also look forward to the day when it doesn’t take holding a lit match to the paper to get any movement on things.


Your reward was that you got to have these dragons back when they were relevant. You have been refunded in the sense that you didn’t have to spend two years climbing through tiers of useless dragons.



They like oh we need to make a major fix to game or we will see a loss of players, hmmm let’s see if we can still get some money out of em, ”give us like 3 months” lmao :rofl: then we’ll use that data to determine how much of a fix we will make lel


Do I get a refund on my Galaxy S5 now that others can buy it for next to nothing?


Have a little faith. We made a big movement these past few days and we got a response—a better one than we were expecting, IMO. For once, I’m a tad bit hopeful. :t_rex:


@PGCrisis thank you for this. I still think there are two issues going hand in hand on the scaling. One is the breeding cost, I think its true that Apophet shouldn’t cost more than Redrian to breed. But the scaling of rewards based on player level has to continue, the timer payout compared to what players need is ridiculously low, increasing timer awards from bronze chest, gold chests and event rewards could easily be tripled and the effect would only be beneficial. Small players can grow faster, feeding and maintaining a healthy flow of new players enjoying mid-level content. And bigger players can keep up with the timer intensive cost of everything: atlas infrastructure, incubator, primarch leveling, troop recruitment, tower upgrades costing over 50days, to name just a few sources.

I think you’ll find overall spending will improve too if rewards from packs and gold chests were to scale up more, people are reluctant because its barely worth it at this point, and we still get outdated consumables and runes from old spells and ice/fire shards nearly noone uses or uses just a small amount of, maybe time to use one unique currency for leveling ice, fire, flak and perch instead of 4 different.

You guys are doing great, just want to put it out there incase you are debating some of these things.

Warm regards, Nonix


Going back to basics, the progression changes are for the future viability of the game.

Yes, some players will be upset that they paid full price for their dragons cause they are being short-sighted. You love the game? Be willing to do what it takes to save it.