Progression Rate Improvement Coming to War Dragons


I have encouraged some of my former team mates to either quit or move up to a higher league due to the Sapphire wall Even in D1 (unless you spend some money) the 300 wall is rediculous Until the game is balanced between tower exp and dragon costs players will continue to be forced into the “grind” or to spend I will reserve judgement on PGs actions until I fully see how it effects play We all know how effective they are about “fixing” game play issues So while I hope this is a start on a better path they still need to show me


No, she’s talking about players who get disaffected and drop down from diamond/saph because their activity level fades with their interest. Their density (both as a population, and in a lot of cases, being personally dense, as well as frustrated and bored) is contributing to the Great Midlevel Plague, incidentally.

I went red-end of plat in 6 months. I believe that’s peak E2P performance; there would be a few ways to do better (have Atlas access, join further from a season boundary and make use of discounts in your first 3 months, be sufficiently impressive that D1 people want you onboard :wink: ), but otherwise no sane level of dedication will get you there.


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That’s a perfectly legit question now that the most OP spells like Death Gaze and Cloak exist as white versions.
Time for PG to monetize! …umm I mean balance! :money_mouth_face:


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50/50 chance


So you acknowledge that progression is an issue… Yet you are adding 5 tower levels to deal with mythics alone? Are you intentionally saying one thing then doing another, or… ??




Regardless PG messed up building progress in obsidian when they went 10 levels for one tier. so stupid


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Anyone noticed that you can’t incubate Vanguard dragons till 330 but can build 70 lvl towers at lvl 300 :eyes:
Looks like a great example of the game balance imo