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Dragon Lords,


In recent months, our team has been working on a series of improvements to the rate of progression in War Dragons. We have heard the feedback which arose within the Dragons community around these issues, and we agree that it makes sense to adjust existing content as War Dragons grows.

We recently announced that Progression Rate Improvements were headed to the game via forum post. There is a lot to talk about in this post which will provide more details on how these improvements will impact the game. Read on below for more information!


Release Date and Timing

All Progression Rate Improvements listed below will be available in War Dragons this week! This release will roll out as a new update to the game, so you will need download the update from the App Store or Google Play Store for these changes to take effect.


Dragon Tiers and Breeding

First and foremost, Dragon Tier progression is getting a facelift. Tier-Based Discounting is a catch-up mechanic that will discount the amount of Breeding Tokens required for certain existing Dragon tiers. This mechanic will benefit mid-game players who have reached the point where progression becomes quite challenging, but are still some distance away from reaching the highest Tiers of the game.


When Tier-Based Discounting goes into effect, we are not planning to offer compensation for players who have already bred the impacted dragons. Similar to how product pricing changes over time on physical goods, these digital assets are no different. Their peak value came at a time when they are the very best in the game, and has since evolved with the release of more newer, more powerful dragons.


Tier-Based Discounting Details:

The following Tiers will be discounted:

  • Obsidian Tier --> 10% off current token requirements

  • Emerald Tier --> 20% off current token requirements

  • Garnet Tier --> 30% off current token requirements

  • Sapphire Tier --> 30% off current token requirements

  • Update: Platinum Tier --> 30% off current token requirements

Clarification: For breeding, the tiers above refer to the parents of a particular Egg Fragment.


These tiers currently comprise the portion of the game where breeding requirements become relatively difficult; yet the content itself is no longer considered to be truly end-game.



Previously in War Dragons, all cross-breeding attempts cost 20 Breeding Tokens regardless of the tier of dragons involved and produced a variety of dragon eggs from various tiers. With the introduction of this feature, the number of Egg Fragments required to incubate a particular Dragon Egg will not change, and any existing progress towards a particular Dragon Egg will remain unaffected. What does change is that future cross-breeding attempts will have their Breeding Token (henceforth known as “Bokens”) cost discounted according to the lesser discount among the two parents involved.


For example, if Parent A has a 20% discount and Parent B has a 30% discount, all cross-breeding attempts between them will cost 20% fewer Bokens regardless of the resulting egg fragment produced (e.g. 16 instead of 20). Incubation time is also reduced by the corresponding percentage, and will take effect immediately for dragons already in the incubator.


We didn’t stop there...

Dragon Training and Leveling

We recognize that obtaining a new dragon is only one piece of the puzzle. Higher-tiered Dragons also require a sizable amount of food and experience to level up.


If a particular tier of dragons has become easier to breed, it makes sense that they become easier to train too! As part of Progression Rate Improvements coming to the game, we plan to discount the amount of food and experience needed for leveling up dragons in the affected tiers by the same amount. This will not affect non-food training costs, such as evolution stones, wood (sorry, Chunk!), or other custom resources. Any fractional amounts will be rounded up.


Research Hall - Eggs & Time Required

As a player advances through the game, the egg color and time required to research new benefits in the Research Hall increases. For the tier impacted in today’s announcement (Sapphire Update: and Platinum and Gold research only), we will also be reducing the number of eggs and completion time required for research of the same tier within the Research Hall by the same amount. Any fractional amounts will be rounded up, and research already in progress will be unaffected.


Towers and Building Time

Last but not least, base-building resource costs and construction time play a major factor in overall player progression. In our goal to deliver a comprehensive improvement to the game, it makes sense that we also include towers in the strategy.


Building discounts will be applied based on tower level, rather than by dragon tier like the other aspects mentioned above.


The following building levels will be discounted:

  • Tower Levels 51-55 --> 10% off current resource & timer costs

  • Tower Levels 46-50 --> 20% off current resource & timer costs

  • Tower Levels 41-45 --> 30% off current resource & timer costs


This will affect build time and all resource types involved in the building upgrade (including wood, ice/fire shards, elemental embers, etc…). Any fractional amounts will be rounded up, and buildings already in progress will be unaffected.


Our team of developers always strives to do right by our players. We want this game to be the best and greatest that it can be, and our Community is at the heart of that greatness. We will continue listening, responding, and updating War Dragons to create a better experience for players of all levels. Additionally, we will continue to monitor balance and progression as new tiers of Dragons and tower levels become available. Thank you to everyone who has flown with us and continues to do so. We are excited for the future of War Dragons!


Version 4.72 Release Notes
Progression Rate Improvement Coming to War Dragons
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Wow, um. This sounds great!


is this mean I can build a higher level tower without the need of upgrading storage (as long as I meet requirement of builder hut)?


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Wow this pretty awesome! Doesnt affect me any but happy for everyone that are at these stages of the game. Well done PG!


Praise where praise is due… big thumbs up from me, particularly for speeding up implementation!


I’m partially in love with the change! But will be downloading it a day or two after it is released since I am anticipating a lot of errors with the release.

Basically expecting a game hiatus for 24 hours

But thank you to all of PG for doing something about the progression issues

A little early seeing as you’ve only just announced this amazing update I know - but I would love it if you all could now please take the time to sift through some of the other minor issues that have been brought up while you’ve been working on progression

Thanks guys!


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So will tiers under sapphire be -30% discounted as well? That would help players get through green and gold research a bit easier.


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Wow, this was a lot better than I expected. Earlier than I expected, too—December was a really long way off for this, so I’m very very glad that all of this is being implemented earlier.

Before the breeding event starts, I’m hoping? :pray:

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No the sub - sapphire tiers are relatively appropriately scaled

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