Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


You can access it through the research hall by tapping on the egg that you don’t have enough of for a certain block. :t_rex:


Ooh, thx for the tip, I have plenty of research options like that


There are not that many perfect bases out there, it’s less common to come across someone with the exact level of towers they should have between the saph and obsidian levels than it is to find someone overlevelled lol. I really don’t think this will have that much of an impact on that front.


Are all buildings affected? Meaning that farms, storage, den… will have a discounted cost if between 41 and 50? Or only attack towers?


Why is everyone arguing against keeping lumber and food costs the same? Did you really have an issue with those resources? :man_shrugging:

Oh well, I guess I will take the bad with the good…egg token, timer, ember, and pearl scaling were definitely needed. I will just have to buy more Super Sigil Chests to finish my season lines, way to go PG.


For me, I feel that having to collect less wood at one time for an upgrade during fort outweighs the lesser points because you will be able to spend it swifter without getting raided. I’ll still get the same points I need and I can correct my earlier base mistakes sooner :woman_shrugging:


Before and after pics of update on the xp and food change to upgrade dragon around sapphire


im close to this if those update launch at the end of year, many people told that im fool to hold breeding for the fairy story which didnt come true… but PG really save the day.
i hope you get a satisfied solve from this forum :oncoming_taxi:


Been reading this topic a lot last few days. Whats with all the negativity?? I think PG did a great job! Seems to me some players are just not liking others catching up on them


agree with you, this announcement is really good to read. i hope PG executed this right and smooth


So far i got the update. Im already seeïng the boken thing. 14 tokens for each attempt on anapa instead of 20 :+1:


Unfortunately, the same can be said for the flier too. Furthermore, with those earlier cap, finding beatable base (undefended) with good amount of exp will be harder than previously, due to increased difficulty on many bases.

(granted that I read it wrong last time, missing the part that the discount starts at 41.)


This combo is at total cost? 125k?


No. 87.5k
(14/20) x 125k


Thank you, read now bonus 30% apply platinum tier


So any idea when hearing it went go into effect for breeding till this weekend?


Breeding discount is active after you update the game.


Is the towers discount available wuth update ?


Should be. But you want to build now?


It is working, my next flak upgrade shows the discounted price.

Looking forward to someone parsing the new data files (@Sandberg ?) and especially seeing if any non-combat towers are affected. Thinking especially of farms and storage.