Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


I think dragon manager has been updated already. Or is in progress at least as the dark flak data was current when I checked a little while ago


I can’t help it, my mind keeps seeing this:

  • Tower Levels 55-70 = 30% off current resource and timer costs
  • Tower Levels 46-55 = 20% off current resource timer costs
  • Tower Levels 41-45 =10% off current resource and timer costs

Your announcement was upside down lol.
Anyone past 300 gets absolutely no help at all, again :sob:


The mighty Ryuu will be stopped by no mage, mwuahaha! Evil laughs too much and chokes a little, plays it off and continues laughing while backing away slow hoping nobody noticed


You’re right! 41 archers are a load cheaper than 40 archers on the site now.

Looks like farms and perches also got the discount on the same levels. Storage hut cost looks unaffected, can’t have everything I guess. Storage hut also got cheaper, but also from level 41 to 55, so on totally different player levels than the regular towers (lvl 121-163).

edit: I noticed the lumber cost for the lvl 41 builder hut has also been discounted, so there is some help for those over level 300 too… :rofl::joy:


Well, the discount together with egg token baloon upgrade we already had is a Nice step for most
Glad it is the parrents that give the discount and not the offspring


It’s official. PG did right by the players. They even acknowledged that their fix had a gaping hole and just reduced Platinum as well.

If I’m lucky, the 300 wall thing will be addressed before I get there. :eyes:


no my friend in game said his towers costed the same , and I didnt have update till now to confirm that




I just did some quick and dirty math, and the A&A 5 path (which is what I’m on) got an overall 25% reduction from Platinum through to the first Harbinger. That’s a reduction of 858,331 egg tokens.

I don’t know if anyone is still claiming that this change is insignificant, or “not enough”, but I would beg to differ.


So, let’s say if you started yesterday and dropped the cash to get to Destar.

How much did you save in breeding costs by starting today?

About 20%.

But almost no one does that. So, if you’re playing the a normal person, what does that save you in time? Well let’s pretend you could get to the end in 3 years starting yesterday. That is extremely optimistic, and will involve substantial spending. So, even with that (time and a hefty chunk of money), this will shave off a princely 219 days of that three years (just to have bred destar, not to expert him). That’s still 2.5 years to get to the beginning of the end that is not the end any longer (and will be 6 or 7 tiers from the end when you get there).

Still think this is anything other than a small first step?

I am not saying this is a bad thing. It is good but

the absence or reduction of pain is not the same as pleasure.

Update from the other side of the 300 Wall

i think the breeding took its way but not the leveling after lvl 300


If I had to guess, I’d say breeding affected a larger number of players. So, it was the logical place to start. Also, post 300 is gonna be more heavily invested, so less likely to truly quit.


I wonder why @MikeH8sDisGame is so quiet lately :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:







Idk if you are joking or not but this would’ve actually worked out better imo lmfao.


I think even for over leveled players these rss changes are bad. If you have an over leveled your base then you would want to level as little as possible during fort to let your dragons catch up, while still trying to maximize sigils/rubies. Having to use less rss per tower will make this more difficult.

Granted, I don’t think is a “big” deal, but I also don’t see it as a positive change at all.


I don’t think so necessarily. In either case the xp and therefore levelling amount will be the same if you are determined to build certain towers up to whatever level. You’ll just have to use less rss and timers to do it.

I’m technically way overlevelled because of earlier mistakes but given the 300 wall it really doesn’t bother me. I’ll max my main attack towers when I can so long as I can still attack for rss/ invader, and know that at some point it will balance out when I slam into 300 :wink:


Ferga at 114? :thinking:


Think the most interesting thing would be to try to brake down the level 300 wall. Already 5 months Since I have passed level 300 and Still Only level 317. This breeding Will give me 2 Vanguard drags that Will be hatched in 3 Or 4 months time. Hurray…
Cut the crap by giving us peanut reductions and give us bigger timers, normal xp rate after level 300 Or drop the level requirements for vanguards/harbingers. This can’t be that hard I Think