Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Yea but reduces the amount of points I get in the event. If my goal is to reach 720k during fort while minimizing the amount of times id have to level up. For example if before it would take me 4/5 levels to do so, now it would take an extra level or two.


You could always do some perch upgrades to make up the deficit :wink:


for sure!, send me some black pearls and id get on that right away ^^.


Would if I could, last I checked I had over 20k :see_no_evil: Guess what I’ll be doing next fort?


Do some mills and farms :+1:t3:


Often already capped, and just so you guys don’t keep throwing other buildings at me,

That would get me 400k to 500k, I’m already taking into account at least 200 to 300k points in other buildings.


What is your highest tower level right now?


He’s under lock and key :joy:


Did they silence Mike?!


Dont forget they also just upgraded the breeding token balloon that gives the 300+ players ~50% increase in eggs. Gave me about 30% plus with these updates I’m very happy. Not necessarily because im getting something cheaper, but because it will help me progress faster**. Even at 30% off, I will still most likely bench Anapa after getting to breeding level. So this update plus the balloon update just helps speed up the game play. Thank you PG!


I believe so since he has logged in but not said anything … which’d be harder than keeping a woman in labor silent :speak_no_evil:


For another week I think… he’s pretty good at getting those extended :joy:

@MikeH8sDisGame :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I know you’re lurking


He needs to learn the art of contrition.


That might actually be the winner here. Did yours go mostly like Grumpy’s? Mine did. They need to be rageless, empty their entire clip against the storm shield–twice–for it to happen, all while defenders pound high-yield supershots and spam hammers. :stuck_out_tongue:

(A few hours later, the same thing happened again with an emerald Avyx.)


Perhaps he’s engaged in silent debate with Panda.


He killed my rage drain before I could drain his rage (damn ye, Android). Flew into my kill island and my storm tower shielded everything. Red mage blocked all red spells. Dark Flak annihilate. The usual.


Could you please check to see if this includes ALL buildings? Specifically

  • Storage
  • Farms/Mills
  • Perches
  • Totems
  • Dragon Den



I really enjoy the math in this game


What would they change it to? Just curious.


Dragon manager has the data up already, seems to cover all towers, even the level 41 builder hut is discounted.