Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


I have been referencing it for just some stark comparisons anyways, why didn’t i think of that.


Were you expecting something different?


that discount is different for different players and tiers. The text states the pre discount level, which is a constant. I’m fine with that.


You still get 1 point/20 tokens. Breed 20 with 30% discount gave me 14 points. Spend 100k tokens, get 5k points.

I have no idea why people have their panties in a twist about being able to spend less RSS on tower upgrades. This is a GOOD thing. Yes, it will mean more tower upgrades for a certain amount of event points, and therefore base level increases more per fort event. So what? If your breeding rate increases as well (which it does) that just means you get to a higher overall power (dragon and base) faster. If you are overlevelling your base because your token collecting sucks, the answer isn’t to intentionally underdevelop your base, it’s to pick up the pace with breeding. Between balloon upgrades and discount pricing, there’s much less excuse to be pokey with breeding.


then what ARE you talking about?


Some people can’t math :man_shrugging:


People are astonishingly bad at math.


:raising_hand_woman: I’m one of those people.


@mechengg, it does not affect economic buildings to my knowledge. Perches are affected.


Looking at Sandberg’s database site it does. The level 41 builder hut and the level 41-55 storage hut are also discounted (despite being on wholly different levels). I haven’t confirmed it in game though.


When did you make this comparison?
Just curious because about 8hrs ago i think it was changed to only include defense towers, perches and totems.
Also i got a note from @Sandberg about it :slight_smile:


Will double check once more. :slight_smile:


Farms and mills are discounted too


Thanks for this update! Good to know


rationally you might be right, but I don´t think that´s a good way of judging it.
No one judges the own progress “overall” since we are never done with the game.

What you subjectivly feel is that you are stuck at a certain moment for a very long time.
That feeling was called sapphire wall for a reason!

So overally progress might have not increased that much? But surely progress where it matters got better and THAT helps

Overall I am pretty happy with this update. I´d like to see some more improvements (e.g. that with new dragon tiers and new tower tiers those discounts automatically follow) specially in the Lvl300 Wall problem.


Much longer ago, didn’t realize it was updated again. Thanks for the heads-up Mech!


None of this matters if you can’t get in and do anything the server issues and latency is atrocious today and to extend elite to playable time would be great. I have logged out due to the ongoing futility of all the various issues and my hour and seven minutes of building troops was far easier and significantly more worthwhile than this new Atlas Elite really can’t see the spend for it after having the original.



@Arelyna, how are the structures on the round island (den, storage hut, etc) and farms/mills affected by progression changes? Thank you.


These are not affected by discounts.

These are affected by discounts.