Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Can we make it so that the discount won’t affect farms, mills, and totem? Since these buildings doesn’t give many exp anyways…


Farms and mills I understand Orca but why totems … they require embers


Totem gives 0 exp, and I think that players only build totem for event points as their embers are better invested in rainbow flaks.


Please can we have some kind of reason as to why lumber and food costs can’t remain at what they used to be?


The honest answer is that it’s a bit arbitrary to carve those specific resources out of general build discounts merely for the purposes that some people prefer them for Fortification events. Some set of other people would likely be upset that something PG said would be discounted is no longer discounted. It’s not technically impossible, but it wasn’t part of the design.


Thanks for the response. I haven’t seen anyone happy for lumber or food costs being discounted, I have only seen the opposite. If people are having trouble with those resources, they are much higher level than those covered by the discount.

The decision to discount lumber costs will cause many players to over-level if they want even the 400-450 sigil prize tier, much more if going for the 500 sigil prize.

You aren’t hearing an outcry over this from the higher level players on the forums because it doesnt matter to them. Those of us who are in the tiers most affected by this change (people like myself, @OrcaFrost, @Tinsir, and @hellraptor) have been trying to shed light on just how bad of a position this puts us in.

Our points aren’t limited by lumber in Fort, we are limited by our current tier of Breeding. Our points also aren’t limited by food in Feeding, we are limited by how many dragons we can bank xp on.


I agree the lumber and food cost changes were unhelpful. Personally, I’m not upset about it, now that today’s patch is keeping them from unbalancing the midlevel tower metagame. My thoughts:

  • ember cost reduction is a byproduct of these changes, and that’s actually a good, needed, and significant change. No one asked for it, but sometimes designers think of things that users don’t, and it works out. :wink:

  • similar story with the XP reduction; it actually makes multiple serial breeds during a single breeding event feasible.

  • feeding event points probably don’t change too much? The main thing that would alter it would be if the XP/food scaling curve is significantly superlinear. Is it? I don’t actually know. But you see the logic: you spend 30% food per level, but you require 30% less XP per level, so the number of points accrued between feeding events doesn’t meaningfully change. Maybe an issue for people who expert every single dragon as they level, but nonendgamers generally don’t do this, because the dragons we get suck.

  • fort events are tougher. This reduces the total number of fort event points available when capped at level 45-55 towers. (So, realistically, Apophet to Archimeral.) It’s unfortunate, but this is offset by proportionally less time spent in that zone breeding-wise.

That portion of the progression stretch just became less forgiving in terms of overbuilding, though. I won’t personally be affected, but a lot of people got stuck even with the old system. :confused: So I do sympathize with those people. That said, the ember and speedup reductions were wins for everyone that no one expected, so I guess I’m disinclined to look a gift horse in the mouth. It’d be nice if lumber and food weren’t affected, but given the choice between keeping things as they are now or reverting them, I’d keep them as they are.


is that really the case? I didn´t do the math but is it that the ressources used per timer spent are worse then before?

Even if that is the case overall it might still be positive because for a certain amount of set timers you will simply get MORE built then before.

Not directed at you @Tinsir but to everyone else.

This was one of the BÌGGEST POSITIVE suprises PG ever managed imo. I didn´t expect any of this till the end of the year and I didn´t expect towers AND research profiting from each. This whole update gave me new motivation again since I finally can do research again (I didn´t use that building in 2 years, now it´ll be running for quiet a while) and it helps building low tier towers to mid tier towers faster.

Also I can not belive that people actually complain about reduced food and lumber costs?! Event points are only one way to look at it. If you can put that aside the reduction of necessary rss (including perls, embers, shards etc.) is a big plus for many players.

Thanks PG! If you manage to scale tower XP up to finally break that freaking Lvl300 Wall now faster I´d be even happier.


It’s not resources, but fort event points. I should probably state my assumptions a little better, though.

The issue is that in the current metagame, you get the strongest base by focusing on five towers between levels 85 and ~251. Assuming you want to hit the 450 sigil tier in fort events, this creates a clock for breeding–you need to have the eggs to unlock the next level of towers before proceeding. The historical biggest barriers there were sapphire and garnet builder hut upgrades, because those are vastly expensive tiers; if you don’t pace yourself, you end up stuck with a big stack of speedups and a decision between diversifying your upgrades and just not building. Both of these are to be avoided, if possible.

By decreasing resource consumption in this window, the total number of points you can earn before deviating from 5 towers also decreases, which means you’re more likely to hit unfortunate point sooner.

There’s still room to mess up slightly and still build at a healthy rate, but it’s less than it was before. They can diversify, but, you know, Atlas–every extra level you gain is +1.4 levels worth of players who can now attack you for full glory.

I definitely understand the response that it sounds like midlevels are looking a gift horse in the mouth, but for a free or elite player, having to sit out an event throws a wrench into season plans. :man_shrugging: Personally, I’m going to appreciate the ember savings, but I see where people are coming from.


To be fair, you get 30% less points in Fort in a short span, but you also pay 30% less timers. Your dragons also go 30% faster so over the long run you should get your builder eggs 30% faster and thus be able to build 30% more per fort and still stay within the cap.

Of course everything won’t round out quite that neatly over discrete events, but overall if your spending stays about the same, your fort and breeding rewards should be staying the same, and you will just go through levels quicker.


Except when you get den capped or expert a dragon but receive 30% fewer points for doing so. :frowning:


But here again, you have 30% more dragons to level because you breed them 30% cheaper and they needed 30% less xp to level, still equals out.


Somewhat. I don’t think it’s a huge problem, I’ll certainly be fine in the future. Most points come from perch feeding anyways. I think it’s still overall a good change.


The workaround for that is that the dragons are still mostly shitty, hence you have no real reason to expert them. :smiley:


If only I had perches like that :sob:

I can stuff about 3m food in my perch over an event, the other 37m has to come from dragons. Black pearl drought is real.


I’m only rocking a level 26 perch :joy: just feed every 18 minutes


How do you get most of your points from that? Is the food that much bigger than the lvl 18 perch I had last feeding? Or did you just not go for any of the big rewards?


I’m not sure if I am understanding you here, but I think things are different for me- at least in feeding. My points in fort are always limited by my timers. And in feeding my points are always limited by how much food I can get. I always have tons of hungry drags left over at the end- I just can’t get enough food to feed them all. But I level up all of my drags to expert so I guess that’s not the case for everyone. Still, if you feed your perches first, I would think that it doesn’t take very many drags to make food your limiting factor. I’m always disappointed at how few drags I’m actually able to feed in feeding events, even neglecting my perches part of the time. lol


I feel like what a lot of people are missing here is that most bases from 150-225 or 250 are not really competitive for their level. “But you’ll level faster” isn’t actually a good thing for those people.


They overbuilt?