Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


I think those on the forums have an unrealistic sense of what is competitive versus what is actually the case.

We all talk about how many poorly built bases we encounter… Have you considered that is mostly because the majority of players are not on the forums?

Personally, I think most forum regulars have unrealistic expectations of what is normal and what is competitive… Most of you seem to think that any base that deviates more than a few tower levels from perfect is somehow not competitive. But let’s be real. Divine dragons are so power that you can take bases that are how many levels above you? So, is that base somehow not competitive? Or are the dragon just the dominating factor? Or are you just that good?

Can you win your war and atlas attacks with a backer? OK, then you’re competitive. :slight_smile:

It’s about teamwork. Can you hold them to four flames with two defenders (at least some of the time)? Then you’re competitive.


I got the legendary glyph last event but didn’t go beyond that since my teammates needed food. So that would be 2.5m points. Lots of perch feeding and some lineage dragons.


I think you’re pretty much spot on that the forum standard of ‘good’ is quite different from the game as a whole. And actually around my level (150s) the balance doesn’t seem that bad.

I think I’ve built both my base and my dragons up to a standard well above the average, and I’m seeing that in results. Bad undefended bases drop easily even 100 levels up, decent (if not perfect) bases with one defender maybe 30-40 levels up.

But at the same time I get regular visitors who are 50 levels higher and still need two or three dragons undefended, and don’t get in at all with a single defender.

So to me it feels reasonably balanced, since with a pretty optimized base and pretty optimized dragons, I can attack and defend up about as much.

Every now and then I run into a properly shit base, 200+ with 6+ islands filled with a single tower type each, and every tower lower level than I have. Or a base that does have a few nice 40+ towers, but spreads them all over the place, with flaks at the rear of the island and everything. But there are also a lot of bases that are fairly short, maybe a long + short, and at least vaguely aproaching the tower cap on some of their towers. Which are bad by coach/mechengg standards, but pretty decent compared to the game as a whole.


Interesting, I guess a few perch levels make a big difference then. I went for the same reward with my level 18 perch, with the same 18 min feeding, but still had to feed more than 20m to dragons to get there, almost ran out of old line dragons to feed. Maybe I should see if I can get a few more black pearls to bump it to 26 for next feeding, would also save me a few more timers in fort…


Yeah the dragon tier + level + perch level makes a difference. I’m slowly trying to get sapphire perch unlocked so my perch bonuses aren’t capped and I can throw Mehaten on it in the future.


Yep, I realized it makes a difference, just not that it would go from ~3m to 15m+ or so that quickly.
And same here, level 31 perch is the target. Now at 24 which is annoying, since I don’t have an expert gold warrior. From 26 onwards I can finally put my rider with his defensive fire armor on it because Leos is capped at platinum for me.


It’s a lot easier to win your war attacks with a backer, if your backer is sporting end game dragons :joy: so that doesn’t necessarily mean you are competitive :rofl: But I do get what you are trying to say :slight_smile:


My point was that the expectation that good players solo is unrealistic.


Which is a good point. And if you are trying to solo in war, you’d want to plan to choose a base you can still obliterate even if you face 2-3 defenders, so you’d be hitting lower than you would with a wingman anyway :woman_shrugging:


Yes, I am literally saying that most bases in the 200-250 range don’t stand a chance against a decently played garnet divine, even with defenders. Very few have anything over a level 45 tower, and that’s sapphire, right? And I’m not really judging their base on how close to perfect they are, but whether or not they can stop a solo dragon at their level. My point being that the game design vastly favors attacking over defending, because as I said… I have high garnet dragons and am not, by vault size, allowed to build the top sapphire tower yet.

I am certainly not “just that good”. My dragons are simply far more powerful than most bases I see. Good players can do way more than I can.

And again, that’s what I’m saying… Most of these bases max out at making me clean up farms with my alt’s Ember.

The game needs more defense to make it more interesting, IMHO.


I feel like garnet broke the game balance for me, FWIW. Or Axi, hard to tell… I hit them about the same time.


A well-flown Axi is an absolute destroyer of bases, especially the many bad bases out there.

But a well-built base is also a destroyer of dragons, especially the many badly-flown dragons out there. I’ve seen a lot of garnets die on my lvl 154 base (platinum builder hut capped), including Axi and Fomhar. And I’ve seen at least a few a few Emeralds drop as well.

Of course a well-flown sapphire Axi will still tear the place up, and might well five-flame defended, but it’s not a given. A well-flown garnet Axi will, but that’s a good attacker attacking down, so it’s reasonable for them to five-flame me defended.

All in all I think the bad bases and bad flyers are reasonably matched to each other, as are the good (defended) bases to good flyers. If you mix bad and good, you get 50 or 100 level differences in either direction.


I will second that. In wars, I see an awful lot of bad bases, and can often solo attack over 50 levels above me. However, there are players 50 level above me who attack me in the same war and can’t kill a single tower besides the rage drain.


It’s already far too easy to over-level in the 100’s. Reducing lumber costs will cause people to over-level even further.

One of the byproducts of this is level 250’s attacking 100 levels lower for reduced Glory in Atlas, by all means lets do more to encourage that scenario.

Its not just people on the forums. I dont know anyone in the 100-180 range who spends every resource they have during Fort. Most players on the teams I have played on understand it’s bad to over-level and try not to do it, they also want event points though.

I see people arguing “it’s ok”, but did anyone ask for lumber and food costs to be reduced? I haven’t seen anyone within the affected levels complain about those resources holding them back in any way.


And reducing breeding costs will cause people to over-level less. With both, they will over-level pretty much exactly as much as they were going to do before.


:raising_hand_woman:‍♀️ Gathering 1.3mil+ wood without the protection or availability of a castle during fort sucks. I’m happy for a discount on those resources. As for feeding, I generally find I can’t feed all of my dragons for the same reason anyway, the more food you have to gather for one level the harder it is to do without getting raided. Smaller amounts are easier to collect there


Me: This a problem.

Unaffected person: No it’s not just deal with

Me: I’m looking at my account right here in front of me and can tell you with certainty, it’s a problem. Others have also noticed the same problem.

Unaffected person: No really, its fine

Me: Well what is the benefit of this change, what is outweighing the negative?

Unaffected person: :man_shrugging:


If the concern is about the way that event points are impacted by the reduction in resources, wouldn’t the logical argument to make be something like:

Event points need to be revisited due to progression rate improvements. This includes Breeding, Feeding, and Fortification events.


That would only affect people in the range being discussed though. Anyone in the top tiers or lower tiers aren’t affected by these changes so they can’t adjust the points without it giving others an unwarranted bonus lol.

If people are concerned about overlevelling then they need to ask that the xp for those tower levels is also cut by 30% but I bet no one wants that with 300+ leering in the distance


It’s hard to overlevel honestly. By the time I reach my builders hut cap on my kill island I’ll only be level 147 teetering on the edge of garnet tier. Ive elected to get hau then apophet then start garnets. Every lineage dragon I hatch can tear through my invader base at level 1.

My main issue is that I’m probably going to run out of towers to level by the time they’re den capped and I don’t even get a discount on my towers yet. This is the more glaringly obvious problem in the sense that you’re probably not going to overlevel, you’ll just run out of things to build in a sensible manner.