Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


I see the same things as all of you. Too many get bad advice when they start out, and by the time they get to level 100, it’s really difficult to fix those early mistakes, like building too long, making junk towers, etc. On the flip side, their dragons are usually weaker too, but there are plenty of other people in the same boat with bad bases that they can still find bases to hit in matchmaking. As far as building for event points, even mechengg has plenty of towers to upgrade for points without hitting his builder cap. I always keep my flaks and storm at cap, but my mages are usually a few levels behind. Last fort, I upgraded my mages and didnt touch anything else on my base, I hit the 1mil prize no problem. The only bases I see truly capped are so far overleveled that it’s obvious they max every fort event, ie a 300 with full base of 45s. Other than that, I dont see the discount making a huge impact as far as over leveling is concerned. Just limit yourself to the 720k prize if you’re that far behind on breeding.


You aren’t over-leveled right now (much), but what you described is what happens when your base gets too far ahead of your dragons. (i.e. over-leveled).


I’d hardly consider myself overlevelled or remotely close to it. I wouldn’t even be able to expert any sapphires at level 147. I wouldn’t be able to get divine garnets at that level either. Hard to be overlevelled when everything is den capped.

Edit: also all my towers would be uncapped promptly after I breed apophet. I’m not too concerned about it, I believe I’ll have time to do hau first and my base won’t suffer because of it.


This is the only real benefit I can see, but is it enough to put many of us out on Event points?

Also, I have only noticed this being an issue for people who were almost or already passed the tiers being discounted anyway. Sounds like you will be working under a 10% rss discount? Not exactly one of the most affected players by this.

Something tells me you found a way around the issue you describe anyway. Like using lumber packs when starting to get full to top off, bouncing off teammates, or using the Atlas bank.


Remember that many tower types were introduced relatively not long go (Flaks), depending on the pace of your upgrade, you have stored useless towers because was the best available at the moment


The dark flak was introduced shortly after I started playing. I recently built an ice flak from scratch to lvl 52 over 2 fort events to replace a lvl 47 ice turret. Doing this didnt overlevel my base at all. Yes, I will have the 10% discount on the next few levels I build, but even if it were 30% I would have no issue making event points. Most people neglect their mages, if you need some more points, why not catch them up?


Yes, I have had Atlas since the platinum rollout, but I built up to lvl 45 towers without the benefits of banks, it’s only recently the banks have been all that helpful.


Story time.

My buddy and I started the game at around the same time. I got him into it. When he started, I was maybe level 45. He caught up quickly enough. We were both at around 150 at the same time, both at about the same point in breeding. We would spend countless hours talking about the game, and I’d give him advice based on forum wisdom. Specifically, I cautioned against overleveling. And I personally made sure that I was not overleveling myself. This was where we were (around 150 or so) going into the Wintertide season, in which we both got Neptus (and Kayla, and Tor). At the end of the Wintertide season, I was around 185 and in Sapphire. I was 190 when I hit Garnet during Springveil, and 200 in the Summertide when I hatched A&A. I’m 226 now, and just hit Emerald, though next breeding event I should get my mythic.

My buddy, in contrast, was counseled to “go big or go home”. He built like a fiend every fortification event. By the time I hit 200, he was 300. When I hit 226 last Fort, he hit 380. And yes, for the first part of that journey, he was overleveled. He struggled with dragon XP in Sapphire, Garnet, and Emerald. But eventually, his dragons caught up with his level. And now he’s one of the biggest players on our team, and he just bred Jormungandr. I just bred Deci, Kerbos, and Gloomclaw…

Now granted, my friend has thrown a lot of money at the game to make sure that he had the breeding tokens to progress this fast, not to mention the clocks and wood packs to build his base that fast (particularly post 300).

So now I’m not exactly sure if it’s such a terrible thing to outlevel your dragons, especially if everything effectively grinds to a halt at 300 anyway.

I dunno. Random musings during the lunch hour I guess…


What I have been saying!!!

True, your friend had to spend to level that quickly. But with all the benefits to being higher level, the accepted wisdom to hold back on leveling is much less sound than it once was.


Moral of the story: spend a lot and none of it actually matters.


But also, the two feed off and fuel each other.


Theres a big difference between a 300 with 65s and one with 45s, I understand he eventually caught up but I dont even want to calculate how much he must have spent…


Can you look into making storage hut upgrades less awful/punitive? The amount of lumber and timers for the very tiny gain per level is pretty horrendous.


Given the way you asked that, you should expect storage prices to be the same but capacity will increase faster. But that won’t matter since the towers all have level caps now too.

At least, that is how the PG genie usually answers requests.


Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere, but has the Gold egg reduction gone into effect? I’m also stuck in this tier for research and spending 64k egg tokens to get through it just doesn’t make sense right now.


Gold egg research has been reduced to 70% of original base cost (30% off).


Ahh I see now. E.g. Persistent Poison is now 14 eggs vs 20. Still a very very rough tier to get through so I appreciate any help!


Ill be honest, the dmg research makes very little difference to a well geared defense, 1 level of 1 legendary+ piece could make more of a difference… it does add up but its rough lol

The special attribute and resist research is more worth it but it is up to the individual preference wise, there are ways to offset your weaknesses


Yeah I need 65k tokens just to get the platinum construction boost. Another 158k to open up the other two lines you have. Really brutal. Meanwhile swimming in Platinum eggs.


Construction reduction was my priority