Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


You would be incorrect I’m afraid! I am fixing my base from mistakes as an early player so I only have 1 tower that is in the 10% discount point at this time, several that are in the 20% stage and more in the 30% stage (but they are taking less priority obviously). I had about 3 wood packs last fort and had to grind out 15 mil lumber pretty much solo due to conflicting schedules with my team mates that week. It was hard and incredibly dull, if these changes had been rolled out I would have gotten an additional upgrade in. My main goal last fort was catching up my storage so normally I wouldn’t need to use quite that much but at least 6 mil wood was needed for my main attack towers which was a ballache to farm at 50k lumber a run lol.

I base my fort planning on desired tower levels that I want to achieve in line with my ability to kill enemies still, so under either the old or new scheme I will level exactly the same amount but now it will be easier for me to fix my base while using less resources. As well as that the discounted breeding means I will hit obsidian next breed which has saved me over a month of time compared to my previous estimates.

Everyone’s situations are different and I get it that this will affect some people who aim for just the 720k points with the least levelling possible but these changes benefit me entirely so I have no complaints personally. And I think it likely that there are many others in a similar base situation that it will benefit too.

However, if people are getting through the breeding tiers quicker than they should be able to continue developing in a similar manner to before.

Edit: Oh and no, we don’t have a castle so no Atlas banks :stuck_out_tongue:


Im a 300 with 45s and 700m def power, i drop some 400s with 2 of my garnets…defended

The difference is ability to take out brute players that spend on dragons and rely on their strength over strategy


I feel so sorry for lvl 400 players whose best dragons are in garnet tier :grimacing:


I feel more sorry for them when they die by garnets


Which for many, is over-leveling the crap out of their bases, because it was too easy to do so. I guess that’s ok though, it gives us something to laugh at. :man_shrugging:


Im used to it. Even got a ballista for icing on the cake


As your highest?
Or on your subsequent following islands?


Lvl 45 is the highest level tower i have and the flaks are 44 at the highest


You poor baby :confused:. Hugs :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Aw thank you <3


Just imagine how much stronger your dragons could have been if you focused on dragons rather than getting every single research item in the game? I think overall you may have been better off, but it’s interesting to see someone who has focused on research a ton…would you do it again this way if you could have a re-do?

I don’t really know what else to say besides the fact that i’m very shocked that you only have L45 towers. You would be the easy pickings for this upcoming PvP event if you are one of the higher levels on your team. I wish you luck.


Then you have my condolences. Your 700M defense power means nothing, that number doesnt actually tell you the strength of the base

It’s all about the layout and strength of the towers. Those 400s that you drop with 2 garnets probably dont have a good layout or low level towers. I’m a 241 and I drop obsidians and harbingers, garnets cant touch my base :man_shrugging:


I would but im too busy imagining how much im going to jump now that the sh!t work is complete


Wanna bet


Yes. I do.


Sweet, i love a challenge. Ill pm for friendly battle in game

Give me a few min im driving atm


Sounds good. I’ll be on in a bit, currently working.


So what would you suggest exactly? They put the wood and ember etc costs up? No thanks lol. As i said earlier if you are that worried about overlevelling due to event points then campaign for them to reduce the xp by the equivalent rss reduction but it won’t stop people overlevelling :woman_shrugging:


To each their own but i heard it all before and i already knew the sacrifice id make by going this route before i started


Just food and lumber.