Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Oh, post the video please. :slight_smile:️:popcorn:


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No Ob, if wood stayed the same, we’d be stuck due to the storage hut capacity. :tired_face:


Not saying there aren’t benefits to being higher level, more xp and whatnot, but idk if they outweigh the problems. For me, level 2 noctua was able to solo my invader base, so it was easy to level him up. For you, he would need to be a much higher level before consistently soloing. And that’s a good dragon. Lumina might not be able to solo your invader until hes already at breedable anyway.


They put artificial caps on towers to make up for the now missing storage caps, either way max tower lvl stays the same. I thought just putting lumber/food costs back to where it was would alleviate event score concerns as well as prevent the need for artificial caps.

Anyway, I’m tired of arguing against everyone about this. @PGReive you were right, too many people have an issue with removing the discount from food and lumber.

On with life.


Sorry Ob :grimacing:



Took ya long enough. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


One major upside to the new level caps is now it’s very obvious when you can next upgrade. Previously I had to take the wood amount and go to dragon manager to see when I’d uncap. Now it tells me the level directly. Very nice side effect.


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Xp is last thing im worried about right next to the level of any invader base


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45 towers at 300, oh my goodness LMAOOOOO, you poor baby, stop wasting eggs on research and use them on hut


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Implies that you don’t realize how much better it gets to level after 300, especially if you can’t build towers higher than 45


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