Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Implies you dont realize how long ive heard all this before


Cool, just because you heard it before doesn’t mean you understand it


Good thats what i want u to think



I want to see your base. Just to see it.



Send me a msg in game, L is capital i, its of course not even close where i want it but ill get there quick i promise…well as quick as an AE2P player can get it


Lol that’s one of his old names… :joy:


Dont understand why yall hate on me just bc im doin what yall said i shouldnt…and doin just fine. Ive never told anyone they should do what i do so i dont see the problem, just see what yall cant.

Anyway its been fun as always, happy hunting all


I’m not hating on anyone, for the record. I’m just genuinely curious.

I expected the base to be full of 45’s tho.


Nah not you, they know who they are


I think you are the one who inserted yourself into the conversation, you should probably expect a little blowback when arguing on your base design since all the experienced players know it could be much better. Just because you are happy with your decisions (that’s great) doesn’t mean others should follow in your footsteps. For all the newer players reading, I’m glad other experienced players are speaking up and pointing out where you are vs. where you could/should be.


I have 40 level 28 Ballistas at level 508.


I think you’re generally right that the idea of what’s competitive is too exacting. That said, consider that the life of a midlevel player today entails mostly getting hit by higher tier dorks who can’t fly. Also consider that to stay competitive in Atlas, you have ensure that 1 level for your base is a greater defensive strength improvement than 1.42 levels for the offensive strength of the median higher level opponent.

When the odds are stacked high against you, neurosis over minor imperfections becomes commonplace. :slight_smile: Correct me if I’m wrong, but the mighty mini approach was popularized by people like Coach and Mech when they were playing in high leagues and getting hit by endgame dragons, like the deadly emeralds and obsidians. Long odds, so you better optimize. But that’s the plight of everyone now, so, neurosis for everyone. :partying_face:




If you cant take the heat get the fk outta hells kitchen lol

See u all in game : )


I know my base sucks. It will continue to suck for a very long time, even as I try to fix it. I just like flying dragons :axi:


We all could be better, the scale is too wide and diversified…its only gonna continue evolving.


Just give us cannons. Lots and lots of cannons. And archers.


And then make evo stones for Amarok to vanguard, since his resists would be relevant again!


People who are complaining about reduced building costs screwing up their Fort events are not understanding the new meta. Yes, you need to do more builds per event to hit the same point level. Yes, this means you will level your base faster than you would otherwise. This is NOT a bad thing, because you’ll be levelling your dragons at a commensurately faster rate as well, meaning fewer months at a given tier, meaning that you’ll obtain builder hut eggs faster. If you aren’t gaining base levels appropriately to match your breeding, you’ll find out that your dragons are dencapped.

FWIW, I at least hit the 2.4M prize level every event from platinum on (finishing emerald at 219, emerald hut next breed) and never needed to overlevel my base because I was extremely aggressive in gathering egg tokens to keep my breeding humming along. If you can’t gather tokens fast enough for your fort events to progress 30% as rapidly (for 450 sigil prize) then I would propose that your token gathering is out of line with your expectations, not that everybody else should pay more RSS and timers.


I am happy for you that reduced food and wood costs are going to help you so tremendously. I did not realize how passionate the players were for having those resource costs reduced. I must have missed all of the threads that were written about it.

I had already conceded and taken myself and my reduced event points out of the conversation, but thanks for sharing your point of view.