Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


I don’t even worry about it anymore. No matter how well and high level base you have there will be plenty of players with dragons that can destroy it (much fewer count at endgame) and I’m not going to bother defending it against rss or token runs and since no castles to defend it that too negates the need.

My focus is dragon breeding and leveling my base when the system forces the issue and keeping my base small. Also, seems like PG likes to bring out new towers that overshadow previous, so I’ll be in a better position to switch out without having wasted a lot of rss used for previous leveling.


Ya it sucks…iwas easy points in event…


Its me.or it make no sense that tower level cost 900k wood to lvl 39 for aroun 20days timer, and then drop to 700k fo 41+ and take 30 daysbof timer?? Real not cool for event score upgrading high tower…!


War Dragons players are eternal optimists. We think “one day they will fix the issues” " one day they will listen to us". It never happens, but we keep thinking it. Can anybody say the definition of insanity? :thinking:


ok pg u made possible the break of the great sapphire / garnet wall . You also made possible for players to build cheaper towers for some levels AND THANK YOU FOR THAT. What about the 300 wall , this game is becoming more and more money dependent than skill dependent , it is a game right ? not las vegas casino . I suppose with the new tier that may come soon , game is gonna have its biggest disbalance ever . anything about it @PGChocolate


This is really late, but here’s the answer for you: only the optimists stay and play on :wink:


I apologize, this is a bit off topic but hate to start a new topic to get a breeding answer.

I will be breeding Kulan + Jagra to get Rizar & Kaiju this breeding event. My question, of these 2 which will be the first egg to complete? I want to incubate Kaiju first, if Rizar is first I want to not incubate his egg and proceed to Kaiju.

Thanks in advance.


Also, I guess you can choose not to incubate the egg.


Yes, I can choose not to incubate an egg, but have no clue how to tell which egg goes with which of these 2 dragons.

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Den > Lineage > Find the dragon and match up the egg image vs incubator and/or in the breeding tab


Or click the egg and check the title.


They don’t do the titles in the incubator anymore


Look at the picture of the eggs, usually one will have lines in a certain direction or design that will make it stand out


Learn something new everyday, even after almost 3 years of playing! Thank you, that was simple enough.


3 years!? I think you’re in the wrong tier. :grin:


No, this is my Alt…Long story, already told.


Oh ok. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Also, each dragon has that nickname; Kaiju is “Hulking Monster”, and Rizar is “Spined Hunter”. If, when you line up Kulan and Jagra in the breeding castle, you click on the legendary egg, it will show you the nickname.

But differentiating the image of the eggs works as well. Kaiju’s is the more smooth and sweepy-looking one, while Rizar’s has bumpy-warts on it.


Kaiju’s egg has a little spike hair :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, apologies if it’s already been answered within these 920 posts…

Since towers cap at 75 now, are tower upgrade discounts being addressed along with new tiers?