Progression Rate Improvements Coming to War Dragons


Given how PG implemented this i dont think PG understands the N-1 model. So i doubt it. But to answer you question, no, PG has not said they were adjusting the discounts as of yet.


Alrighty, thanks for having saved my time.


Thanks all, and in fact it’s Rizar I need first, glad I rechecked Icicle breeding path.:man_facepalming:t3:


This doesn’t work for Jaculus or Thraex, I can’t remember which one I got to 115/120. :sob:


More Settings shows the frags of pre-season dragons, I thought.


Not all


Why the hell does it matter?
They are done, zero chance to ever finish them.
Just like there is zero chance that lethal barrier will ever be a viable spell again.


Here it goes :sunglasses:


Why the hell it matter to you so much?
I’d just like to know who I got so close, I’m pretty sure Jac but can’t remember.
We’ll see about that. White explosive shield is great, new dragon get it then they’ll have to fix it.






Well you see BamBam when someone makes a nonsensical argument it undermines everything they say. So Mech was asking why you were making a random argument because to everyone reading it, it was irrelevant. No ones cares about Thrax or whatever old crap Devine you were talking about, furthermore it has very little to do with the current conversation. So unless you can explain why anyone would care about your statement; it undermines everything you say.

As Mech said, they are done. Time to move on.


You know the worst part? He constantly quotes himself… I can’t tell you how much that annoys me


I do believe I was responding to what was said during the conversation. The look of eggs in the incubator to find out which dragon you want to incubate conversation that was happening reminded me of those guys I had and was just stating looks don’t distinguish those.

My post doesn’t seem like an argument to me, just a little side info of the conversation.

This sounds like an argument

Didn’t ask to be able to complete them, just how I don’t know which it was and haven’t been able to find out since I forgot who it was. This is :cry: to me.


He did it again :smiley::ok_hand:t4:


@PGCrisis can you comment on your inference regarding catch-up mechanic’s for “leveling requirements” as noted above and where things stand as to how the team is making out with discussions and when we might be hearing about a time frame similar to the announcement about the catch-up mechanics introduced for breeding requirements.


With the new tier announced for. January, will these rate improvements cont8nue or was this a one time adjustment?


If they’re doing N-1 then technically it should extend now to obsidian parents also. @PGCrisis @Arelyna


Don’t think they intended for N-1, just smooth the Sapp wall out a few tiers.


I was under the impression it was N-2 and configure it as parents giving bonuses vs N-1 children receiving bonuses